Feeding Alts: Professions

Kanara, Orc Engineer

Professions. Those things we select along the way at some point or another, which we hope will benefit our character personally and financially. Or in some cases, just to have some fun with.

Over the years and multitudes of alts, I’ve tried them all. Many have enjoyed going the distance to skill caps, some have failed. Over these same years, I’ve watched the ebb and flow of Auction House prices for both mats and finished goods from that assortment of professions, on several servers.

Currently, the US-Fenris, PvE server is home to an array of Horde characters. With the Horde economy such as it is, (usually rather pricey imo), my main and alts here have decided to pull and pool together for the success of all. This is far from a new stratagy for game play. Providing chosen professions for each character that interacts, enhances and benefits everyone on the “team.” Many players already use this approach, and to great success. It is only now though, that I’ve finally decided to seriously implement it for myself.

I’m quite sure there are better ways in approaching such a project. After all, my way is to just jump in with both feet and make adjustments on the fly. Lol, probably not the best plan! I am fairly confident though that my crew can pull it off.

So……in the past two weeks several bank alts have been banished into the nether to make room for more “playable” characters. Had to be done, realizing that these profession bound masters would obviously need to level cap as well. And, if you still actually read through the create character process, you will note that most race descriptions will provide you with info about little extra racial benefits that character has towards a specific profession. Unfortunately, I’ve read so many over time I now rely on memory for these things. A very faulty memory I might add. 🙂

What this boils down to, is that there is now a female Orc (warlock), who has taken up Goblin Engineering. Yes, should have been a goblin, but one already existed and I wanted at least one Orc in the line-up. And then there’s that thing about actually taking a warlock to level cap. You know, those pesky little details that arise. Oh, and the existing goblin? A shadow priest with a strong nearly capped tailoring profession and a fair hold on enchanting which he dropped something else to practice.

There are other oddities to my approach. Like the Troll enhancement shaman who liberally practices skinning and leather working. An Undead BM hunter who fancies himself a jewelcrafter. The Bloodelf shadow priest who loves flowers and alchemy. And the somewhat educated Undead fire mage who blissfully scribes for the group.

It’s a messy line-up, to say the least. But, it seems to be working and the alts are happy with all their new attention. There is a strong flow of raw materials between everyone, and even some finished goods. Profession skill levels are steadily rising, most being noticably higher than character level. All is good in Aygarens’ camp. He foresees a unique and profitable future ahead.

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  1. tomeoftheancient
    Jun 28, 2012 @ 06:42:22

    Hi Kanara, nice to meet you!

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