Four Days Into MoP

Dufit is slightly over four days into Pandaria now. It’s been a journey of sight-seeing; fishing, farming, bustin’ up baddies and just all sorts of pleasure to be had.

With three zones of quests done for the Mists Loremaster, and two of three done for Exploration, Dufit is currently working his way through level 88. He is still practicing his rule of completing a full zone before moving on to the next, and very happy for it. His only concern now, is attempting some of the dungeons available. With most all of his PvP gear replaced now, (quest rewards, drops and 2 AH purps), he’s looking for Pandarian PvE experience.

Screenshots have been abundant these past few days. It may take me an hour or two to clear up the folder, lol. Anyways, here’s a few from Dufit’s journey.

The Second Crop!

Dufit is learning some real farming now, and quite happy with it. He starts each day now harvesting and planting, and he’s looking forward to more planting space.

On screen progress report

This is so neat! You don’t have to keep checking your questing progress, the game just let’s you know along the way 😀

2 of 3 zones explored now

The third, actually second zone, has one place left to discover. Apparently though, you need either pandaria flight or a summon to reach it.

Black Market invite

Found It!

Dufit had left the area before the mail came through and had to double back a bit. Simple enough to find, though it looks rather skimpy on goods at the moment.

First death by rare mob

Dufit has 4 rare kills under his belt now, but this one taught him some humility and respect. NPCScan has been good about it notifications, alerts have popped for about a dozen or so now. The only problem we have is that there are no tracking overlays on our maps, and they’ve been a bit difficult to find when the alert goes off.

Getting It Done!


Achievements have been plentiful for Dufit. In the “Focus” shot, he suddenly knew why he went through all that training!

Lore-story scrolls

There’s a lot of things to discover when questing and wandering about. Dufit has found a number of these scrolls hidden here and there. It helps to check all buildings, caves, nooks and crannys!

What the …..!?!

Obviously no longer a prisoner, Dufit teamed up with the King’s son and got a few things done.

We did that!

The King’s son really needs to work on his dps though, he was more about giving tactical orders during fights, and his smite was really weak.

HaHa!! I found you.

Li Li had to learn to slow down on her journey with Dufit.

Oh! Oh! This is going to be very strange me thinks.

Okay now! I trust everyone is enjoying their new adventures. I’m off to check out how Dufit is doing with his farm. 🙂













“Rare”: More than you think?

Usually, near the end of a game day, there’s sort of a ‘relaxation’ period. Last night, Ay got the call to weave the bedtime stories for the crew.

These so called stories are pretty much just sight-seeing trips through zones long past. Ay will jet himself here and there between the worlds. Take to mindless flight, while letting everyone else silently recall their memories of the areas Ay is zig-zaging through.

Ay does’nt do any serious ore farming during these flights, but will ocassionally drop down and pick a few up along the way. Never hurts to keep some stock around. Now then, if he happens to come into a zone which does hold a long sought after treasure, he will take some time to pass over the needed areas. Such as it was for the Storm Peaks, and the long sought after TLPD.

borrowed from Wowhead

Normally, this is rather a quiet and lonely zone. Very few players of either faction show up anymore. So Ay’s travels through the known flight areas go un-hindered. Something was drastically different last night though, I could hear Ay grumbling all the was back in Org.

His normally free of hinderances, peaceful search patterns were rudely interrupted. He counted no less than 8 other seekers of the infamous, albeit elusive, drake. Everyone of these intruders hailed from different realms. A quick look at his timepiece told him, “Ay, we’re no longer on Fenris soil.”

With all the new realm merging Blizz has graciously laid upon us, will our favorite old rare hunting become even more rare? Obviously, with the number of treasure seekers increased, the odds of finding that treasure will decrease. RNG, is going to play an even larger part in the hunts.

The info you’ve gathered over time about your favorite hunting grounds, times to go hunting and such, is being altered. You now have different realms and their intricities tossed into the pot, so-to-speak.

To be clear now, these are Ay’s personal thoughts and opinions. Others will certainly view things in a different light accordingly.

So, what are your thoughts about realm mergeing and rare hunting? Have you noticed any differences?


Dufit Flys Through

Taking a momentary break from the profession levelers, Dufit managed to begin his Cata experiences late last week. He turned 84 today, ready to open up the Twilight Highlands round. He also stumbled upon his first Cata rare, in Deepholm of all places!

first cata rare for Dufit

Dufit has stratigicly left three zones open. He finished only what was needed to bring the ancients back into Mt. Hyjal so his Firelands dailys would be available. Deepholm is at the beginning of the Therazane quests for rep. Uldum still has a bit of Harrison Jones left to do, but Neferset City has fallen. All in all, after he opens up the Highlands, he have enough to distract him while doing the Firelands daily grinds.

Oh, and Dufit does make public apologies to all Hunters in Uldum.

“I’m sorry, hunters.”

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Random NPC quote: “How may I hate you?”~Tauren npc in Mulgore

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