Dufit Flys Through

Taking a momentary break from the profession levelers, Dufit managed to begin his Cata experiences late last week. He turned 84 today, ready to open up the Twilight Highlands round. He also stumbled upon his first Cata rare, in Deepholm of all places!

first cata rare for Dufit

Dufit has stratigicly left three zones open. He finished only what was needed to bring the ancients back into Mt. Hyjal so his Firelands dailys would be available. Deepholm is at the beginning of the Therazane quests for rep. Uldum still has a bit of Harrison Jones left to do, but Neferset City has fallen. All in all, after he opens up the Highlands, he have enough to distract him while doing the Firelands daily grinds.

Oh, and Dufit does make public apologies to all Hunters in Uldum.

“I’m sorry, hunters.”

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Random NPC quote: “How may I hate you?”~Tauren npc in Mulgore