Why Now?

Joy abounds! Today I am relieved of my rl summer schedual and duties, able to return to regular gaming time. Oh….wait. It’s Tuesday. Put ‘joy’ on hold.

Well, the next best thing is having the extra time to randomly roam about the wow blogosphere. My reading suffered summer pains almost as much as game time, lol.

There are quite a number of WoW blogs I really enjoy reading. Of coarse, I have some that are read no matter what’s going on, and some I just try to keep up with since the ratio of reading time and the number of blogs available is just, sooooo unbalanced. Add in the ‘exploration list’ of blogs and I need someone from Blizzard to stop by and do their balanceing act. Okay, scratch that random thought as too frightening.

One of the many blogs I enjoy is Cymre (Bubbles of Mischief). Just always interesting and great posts to read. Now then, she apparently does a lot of stuff with this Coolidge in game. Always wondered about pair. As luck would have it, I came across one of her recent posts that Coolidge commented on, and behold! A link in the comment. Curiousity to blame, *click*. I came across this fairly new blog, Kentucky Fried Paladin. Ah, paladin=instant interest. Add one more to the bookmarks.

There’s another new find for me in this mornings reading. Something probably most everyone already knows about, but somehow slipped throught the cracks between my fragments. I have a liking for Orckish Army Knife, another regular reading. It was only this morning though, that some links at the top of his site got the curious best of me. I came across a virtual treasure chest! Though I’m not personally very knowledgeable in such things, I just love the lore and stories in game. Simular to the wide-eyed feelings of a child entering a candy store. I opened the treasure chest to find “letters 2011” and “letters 2010.”¬†¬†After reading a couple, I’m hooked. /DND–I’ll be busy for some time.

As for my own Horde crew. Well, things have been going fairly well with building complete profession empire. Everyone is leveling quite regulary at a good pace and professions are either capped or sitting well above character level. Trying to level 6 of 8 characters at the same time though is taking it’s toll. I’ve fallen into a way of questing the character levels and gathering their profession mats in bursts, usually 2-3 levels at a time. Then we go to the trainers in town and skill level the profession in one big chunk. One trainer trip, then back to questing. Add in that everyone is sending their leftover or un-needed mats to whoever needs them, and the situation became one of profession level being much higher than character level. For instance, the scribe is level 42, profession is capped atm at 300. He cannot train above that until he reaches level 50. UGH!


As for taking it’s toll in time, Freezia got adopted into the family for a bit of relief. Pretty much just an extra set of hands, but with an underlying mission of her own. She has recently become of dungeon age. One of the things I keep telling myself to do, but never get around to doing, is having someone start dungeons at level and include them in the leveling journey. Freezia is tagged for doing just that. Her journey begins tomorrow.

Undercover Draenei

And then we have “?”. Yep, an unknown/hidden Draenei on an unknown hidden realm. A very young BM hunter, all alone in a brave new world, with a mission simular to Freezia’s. My ace in the hole, trump card, so to speak. When the crew gets to be too demanding as they often do, it’s on this hunter to step in and balance things out. ROFL!!! Like I really need more alts to nuture.

With any luck, I might get into the game later this afternoon. /cast patience