Quick Update

Yesterdays’ post about “The Final Power” quest:

Early last evening Dufit went back for another try, or two at this Golden Lotus quest. His first death was barely 30 seconds into the fight. During his second corpse run, something good happened. Another player he had noticed earlier in the day suffering the same fates, sent a tell asking if he would like to group up for this one. Dufit gladly accepted, and then there were three (counting the warlocks’ minion:).

LOL! He still died again, but the quest was completed by the group. That was what turned the tide for this one, group effort. In turn, one managed to live long enough for the other to corpse run, thereby stopping the kill target from resetting to full health again. When alone, having to start over again each time was frustrating.

I had time to chat a bit afterward with the kind and friendly player that asked to group up. He’s not completely unknown to the horde crew, both Ay and Dufit has run beside him in TB before, though never really speaking to one another.

We talked about the many deaths we each suffered yesterday, deaths which neither one of us were accoustomed to. As frustrating as this quest was, it was also challenging. Before parting company for the night I mentioned to the lock that this was the second in a set of seemingly phased quests, and I could only imagine what the third one will be like!

Anyway, all ended well. If you happen to come across this quest I suggest that you jump in general chat and see if anyone else is on it. Don’t hesitate to group up. It will save you many moments of frustration 🙂 It’s not a big dps fight, most of it depends upon your abilities to get to his spears he throws out and throw them back at him. There’s a lot of movement required on your part, and timing your jumps needs attention. If you have a bit of lag or a slightly not so quick comp (like I do), and maybe your button mashing is a tad slow at times (like mine), be prepared to make adjustments so you clear that lightning. Otherwise, enjoy the challenge. It’s one of the best I’ve experienced lately (not being a raider).

With the help of a friend



“The Final Power”  This is a tough one for Dufit, so far. He’s got dead more than a few times trying to complete this quest. lol, about 8 times before I pulled the plug on his attempts for a breather! And that’s something like about 75 gold in repairs so far. What can we say? Cloth armor doesn’t hold up very well in times like these.

always go into battle on a full belly!


okay, one guy, no too bad

hmmm? he’s got a bit of health going on.

They say the trick is in using the spears against him.

During on attempt, Dufit actually managed to avoid the lightning long enough to get this guy down to 50% health. Even with the Crane’s wing buff, this is a tough one. That lightning gets ominous, going in both directions at times. And it does hit hard. VERY HARD!  And if you miss getting one of his spears….lots of damage as well.

Maybe a break will smooth things out. Maybe this guy will be tired a few hours from now. Maybe Dufit is going to die a lot more!!!