Shaman and Warlock Love

Bazzel (the Troll Shaman), and Kanara (the Orc Warlock), have dominated the last three days of gameplay. And for good reason since they happened to be the lowest level members of the crew. Although unintentional on their handlers’ part for this ‘condition,’ Kanara began to quite loudly protest her lack of leveling love. She also made some rather dark suggestions as to the possibilities of her behavior if the ‘condition’ was not soon rectified. Consequently, she was allowed to run rampant over the weekend, which she took to heart and deadly hands. Hillsbrad, may never be the same again.

Cave Yeti, np!

Just remember to light their fire

Take a minute to be social

So glad Kasha found a new home she can roam at will!


Bazzel, on the other hand, was rather patient and lightly mixed with persistance over his time. Having to wait on a warlock of all things, he approached his time with the cunning and fervor required to match Kanara’s rise. And, it only took half the time it took Kanara. Bazzels’ been a bit camera shy, but managed to hold still long enough to applease me.

IMO-best looking totems!

A much younger Bazzel-he still hangs on to this robe for possible use.

On one final note about bringing up all these alts. I recently came across an interesting video which left a rather large and unique impression with me. (hopefully I’ll find it again before I finish writing this) What impressed me most, was the enhancement shaman. Six seconds of pure burst damage output. To me, this was nothing less than amazing.

Now then, having never played an enhancement shaman, you can imagine the impression this video left on me. Aygaren was my first successful go at a melee class, well, mostly successful. I am now wondering if Bazzel will be my ‘golden ring.’ Perhaps. As always, time will tell.

If you happen to play an enhancement shaman, let me know what you think of your own experiences. 🙂

Enjoy your game(s), whatever they may be!