The Darkmoon Faire used to be just a sometime thing for everyone, except for Aygaren. Since their new “home” opened up on that mystery island of sorts, Ay has become a most regular patron. As a very young tauren, he was one of the first to proudly add the seapony to his companion stable during opening ceremonies. The tallstrider also graces his mount stable, and I hear that there is a dancing bear on the horizon.

But that’s not all which holds something of a mystical urge for him to make those monthly travels. It’s not something he can quite put his finger on just yet. He just knows there’s more than meets the common eye present. He’s heard stories of ghosts roaming about the faire grounds, but has yet to see any for himself.

This month, Ay is still searching the nooks and crannys around the faire. He seemed rather drawn to their art work, of which he’s made copies of for his continued investigation of the faire.

dmf banner 1

dmf banner 2

dmf banner 3

dmf banner 4

not really a banner. the “all-seeing eye” on the entry gate

dmf banner 6

dmf banner 7

dmf banner 8

the Tauren Chieftains Stage

Do you think this banner gave that overgrown monkee ideas about the human observer?


Have you seen the *ahem* rumored ghosts wandering around the faire?