Am I Ready?

A few days ago, we were asking if folks thought they were ready for the upcoming release date of Mists. Earlier, along with my summer real life schedual, I started several projects in hopes they would be accomplished in time for the expansion. So, how far along did I get? Can I claim any real success?

I had been building this Horde crew for some time. At first, it was simply to experience the game from the opposite factions’ point of view, and to play through some of the lore on that side of the fence. After going through a number of alts, I can safely call this little mission accomplished. Even though not all those alts survived, one of every race managed to make their mark.

Now, I’m not an auction house player as we know them. I do take time though to pad each character’s coin bag through the AH. No addons or anything fancier than visual research, pencil and paper get used. We do okay in this manner. Not great, but okay. Sometimes we even get lucky and the RNG gods smile upon us. 🙂 With Mists on the horizon, the crew has attempted to bump this up a notch.  So far, not much progress. With the Horde side economy in the shape it’s in on our server, the crew decided to take another approach. Instead of pushing some sales now, they turned to stockpiling certain raw materials and finished goods to post up for opening day. We will know that day if the plans were a success or not.

able to mill Outland herbs, at level 35

Due to the economy as well, there was a shift in the crews’ population, class representation and professions. The plan here was to have the crew become self-sufficiant by learning all professions. This plan is in progress and actually going along quite well. Of coarse, it will not be complete in time for Mists. but we are content with its’ progress. Each character has worked hard with their profession, everybody collects stuffs and shares their loots with whoever needs them. So to date, crew members are either capped or well above their level with professions.

Aygaren has been level capped for some time. I was hoping to go into Mists with at least two level 85’s. Dufit was kind enough to step forward and fill the second slot. Success! And a surprise to boot. Thdoria is pushing through the dreaded Outlands at the moment. She just might make the grade in time to fill a third slot. With her alchemy profession in hand, she’ll be a very welcome addition. This will set up a small team covering Blacksmithing, Tailoring, Enchanting/DE, Alchemy, Mining and Herbalism. Not too shabby I should think. The outlook is good. 😀

To answer my own questions about being ready, I would give myself about a 65% level of success. With 50 some days to go, and my own regular game play schedual about to resume in 10 days, we just might make it to 85%. Here’s hoping for the best!

Aygaren and his crew certainly hopes everyone else is enjoying great success with what ever preperations are in their plans!

The Blitz is On!

Are you prepared?


You might be asking yourself that question now, or fairly soon.


Shaman and Warlock Love

Bazzel (the Troll Shaman), and Kanara (the Orc Warlock), have dominated the last three days of gameplay. And for good reason since they happened to be the lowest level members of the crew. Although unintentional on their handlers’ part for this ‘condition,’ Kanara began to quite loudly protest her lack of leveling love. She also made some rather dark suggestions as to the possibilities of her behavior if the ‘condition’ was not soon rectified. Consequently, she was allowed to run rampant over the weekend, which she took to heart and deadly hands. Hillsbrad, may never be the same again.

Cave Yeti, np!

Just remember to light their fire

Take a minute to be social

So glad Kasha found a new home she can roam at will!


Bazzel, on the other hand, was rather patient and lightly mixed with persistance over his time. Having to wait on a warlock of all things, he approached his time with the cunning and fervor required to match Kanara’s rise. And, it only took half the time it took Kanara. Bazzels’ been a bit camera shy, but managed to hold still long enough to applease me.

IMO-best looking totems!

A much younger Bazzel-he still hangs on to this robe for possible use.

On one final note about bringing up all these alts. I recently came across an interesting video which left a rather large and unique impression with me. (hopefully I’ll find it again before I finish writing this) What impressed me most, was the enhancement shaman. Six seconds of pure burst damage output. To me, this was nothing less than amazing.

Now then, having never played an enhancement shaman, you can imagine the impression this video left on me. Aygaren was my first successful go at a melee class, well, mostly successful. I am now wondering if Bazzel will be my ‘golden ring.’ Perhaps. As always, time will tell.

If you happen to play an enhancement shaman, let me know what you think of your own experiences. 🙂

Enjoy your game(s), whatever they may be!


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