The Farm and The Old Dog

Expanding the Farm

This morning, Dufit became revered with the Tillers and was able to clear out some more farmland. Earlier in the week he discovered quite by accident, that he could install an irrigation system! Since there are now more crops to tend, he added this sonic type of pest control system. Special thanks to the lovely lady shown here:

Best Friend!

Dufit now has his own mailbox located by the roadside! It may take some time to earn that last little plot of land, but he’s found it a quite pleasureable project. Much unlike the grinding chores he’s doing for the Angler’s. Besides, where else can you plant a beautiful little tree whenever you just want to enjoy a quiet moment?

Smell the fragrance, slow down and relax.

As for the “Old Dog” part? Well, I’m still attempting to learn this Twitter stuffs. lol, maybe you really can’t teach an old dog new tricks!