Renewed Effort

Right. I’ve certainly been away from this blog. To be honest, I had become quite disgusted with it. And here’s why that became so.

The numbers: (at time of last post), approximately 11 months, 90 posts, 1 regular reader/commentor. I felt that the WoW blogging community found “Aygaren” un-acceptable in their eyes and unfit to be a part of said community.

Even I would have to concur that the content was bland; had no real direction or any real game value. It was purposely written to be non-opinionated in any way.

Long before this blog, before the life changing medical flare-ups (for lack of better terminology), I did write. Quite well in fact, having been published in several literary sources and other places now lost in time. I loved writing. I still have some of that love laying around somewhere, I feel it’s nagging presence. I must say though, that I feel the loss within.

I’m not able to pinpoint why this loss bothers me to such an extent. It just is what it is.

If you actually read this far, hey! I’ll look around and see if the game provides some sort of achievement for you. If you’re brave and go places others dare not to go…

…I’m going to continue writing here. Acceptable or not. I am going to choose one specific aspect of the game which has become my love, and write about it. Extensively, in-depth and opinionated.

I expect a slow start. Perhaps though, determination and old fashioned stubborness will see me thru. ~Ay