Tough Goblin…..Not!

Not much happening this weekend with the crew. Ay got himself side-tracked, went off and ran through some old Outland dungeons looking for some rare drop BS pattern. Guess he got tired of valor farming.

Early Sat. evening, Dufit put in a bid at the BMAH for one of those Blood Soaked Invitations to the Brawler’s Guild. Much to his surprise, this mornings mail contained the invitation! And it only cost him 1,653 gold 😀

Yay!  Actually got one

Yay! Actually got one

So, that tough little blood-thirsty goblin made headway to Org., as fast as his stubby legs and floppy ears could take him. The early results are in. (Watch the kind words in the chat box)

It only took a partial second to die horribly.

It only took a partial second to die horribly.

Twice. And they don't like corpses just laying about.

Twice. And they don’t like corpses just laying about.

Okaaay. It did not go well. And after watching a few other matchs going on at higher levels, Dufit is beginning to doubt his skills. He’ll be needing a new improved plan of attack. LOL!  And everyone told him Bruce was easy :s