It’s The Little Ones

It was a quiet afternoon. Ay wandered about thinking over his options, like where to go and what to do. Little things. The morning had already been filled with the usual mercenary type assignments (dailys), and another drawn out round of Tol Barad. It certainly was time for some peace and quiet. Or so he thought.

Children’s Week.  Seemed like just what he needed. Bonding with some of the war orphans. Cute little things. That unassuming little orc child appeared to be a quiet type. Hmmmm? You want to take a ride on that red rocket? No problem. Until he went button-pushing-crazy! That rocket was all over everywhere except its’ track. And to top things off, the little squirt EJECTED me! Left me stranded on the track in nowheresville.

Taking the child for a ride.

Red Rocket Ride

He just dumped my Tauren rear!


So much for extending kindness. The little guy ran me around a bit more after that. But in the end, he had to return to his matron for safe keeping, at least for a day or two while I rest up. He was appreciative though, I’ll give him that much.

Hmmm? The kid or the pig? Let's go Mr. Wiggles.

Mr. Wiggles

After that, it was off to Outland for visiting day there. The frail blood elf girl seemed much more harmless.  Besides wanting to see real dragons, her main goal was to become a rock star. Otherwise, the visit turned out fairly well and involved a lot of world travel to appease her. Her appreciation came in the form of:

it soooo cute!


Tired from the journey.

It likes to sleep quite often!

Oh, and she did learn not to get into the fire while visiting the Throne of the Elements. And the keepers of time in the caverans….well…..the guards didn’t quite take to her but the big guy saved her skin. Not sure what all’s up with that situation. Got her a model dragon and we took our leave. Quickly.

End of the day now. Time for “Lucky Bird” to impart his wisdom before we call it a night.

imparting his wisdom

"Lucky Bird"

Ay was ready to turn in for the night. It was time for some real rest.

We certainly hope your day went well. And, don’t spoil those children! At least not too much.

Take It Easy Weekend

Last Friday I started planning out my weekend activities for game time. Normally, I still do a quick run of dailys anyway and then spread time out with professions, archaeology, solo some dungeons for this or that.

This weekend found me a bit tired out though. I actually finished all the Firelands dailys the week or so before. Hellscreams’ Reach has been done and PvP drake aquired. Those two just have some achievements left on them to maybe gather up someday.

lots of dailys done here!


I finally decided upon a quiet weekend of rep grinds. I know. What’s quiet or fun there. :p  There was this little obsession ticking away inside me though that kept saying, “YOU NEED SILVERMOON EXALTED!” It had something to do with their dragonhawk taxi service.

Just got to have one!

As usual, my mind wasn’t quite at optimum operating level. I’m thinking “Exalted=Mount.”  So, I dropped into the Ghostlands and started knocking out their quests. No problem?  lol  Majority of the rep from quests there is for Tranquillian. Whoever they are.  Although, they do grant awesome amounts of rep per quest!  49/50 quests later, plus a few specific dungeon runs for Silvermoon, I’m exalted with both factions. Oh Happy Day! Wrong again, duh.

It now appears that the only way I’ll gain the mount of my current obsession is through the argent tourney, or some black PvP dragonhawk, or the Mountain of Mounts achievement. Hmmmmmm? So I purchased another dozen mounts today with the reps I did have. Windriders and Hawkstriders abound in my collection thus far.

Having never ever played a Bloodelf, and with no intentions of ever doing so, I did take time to enjoy some of the sceneary while lopeing around the Ghostlands.

And this little gem around back of Silvermoon City:

I just love how everything seems to just hang and balance itself in the air.

As if I did’nt get enough of a brainwash doing the Noblegarden egg hunts for that mount, I got the Netherwing rep underway a few days ago and spent the weekend hunting down Netherwing Eggs.  Yep. Obsessive compulsive mount collecter?? At least I do have some rather easy quests and dailys to go along with it. Like booterang!

Beating peons!

Working undercover for the Netherwings does have some advantages! Nothing like taking your frustrations out on those lazy Orc peons.  I’m half-way through honored now. No thanks to those rare, elusive Eggs!

Hence, a picture perfect and relaxing weekend in the World of Warcraft. Well, at least as long as we don’t talk about the eggs. Or the HP farming fools who blow a perfectly good win in TB. Or Strathholm.  LOL!

My more serious game time is during the week, weekends are for the odd stuffs I get into. What about you? Do you try to balance things between serious and “take it easy” time?  Have you got a list of fun things to do? Go ahead, list them here. I can always use some fresh ideas!

Having fun with egg on my face-Aygaren


Snack and Play

Unless you’re really into keeping healthy and fit, you’re probably not much different than most other players and have a tendency to snack during game play. Or maybe just maybe, it’s more than just the occasional snack?

I would easily fall into that final suggestion. I always have a supply of snacks handy or close by to dip into during game play. It helps me think more clearly as I try to think ahead on how to handle groups of baddies who are eager to snack on me! :p

My own preferances lean towards smaller, individual items. Bits of chocolates, sandwich creme style cookies, individually wrapped pastries, etc.  My current obsession is a bowl of fresh jellybeans. The old classic ones.

I thought we’d take a quick poll on game time snacks. Nothing fancy or scientific, of coarse! It’s in the sidebar near the top and will be open for votes until the 30th. of the month. Let’s get a glimpse of how many snackers are out there, and maybe how many don’t indulge.

Happy adventuring all!