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Added some updates to the UI section. Replaced recount with TinyDPS, and installed a reforgeing mod. Addon page has the links. Also added two screenshots to the visual progression of the new UI build. It’s coming along rather nicely. Add your comments or thoughts anytime!

Today, Aygaren picked up two more of the Pandaran Treasures. I think between him and Dufit, about 15 of the 20 are now gathered. Today was special though. After uncovering numerous polearms, which are pretty much useless for this crew, Ay came up with a staff.

How nice of somebody to leave this behind!

How nice of somebody to leave this behind!

One greatful Belf

One greatful Belf

You know she just had to have it! Since it was actually useful, she kindly sent Ay a few more flasks, along with his daily living steel bar.

With the new patch hitting the PTR, things are “on the fly” for our little team. Having a couple of days off this week did’nt help, but neither did it really hurt. I think they’re calling it “renewed vigor!” lol, strange crew they are. Even Ay turned up with a new weapon today! Massive, mean looking two-handed sword. Those Klaxxi folks sure are kind to their paid mercenaries.

“May your feet find good paths!”

Dumbest Things

Hey there! I didn’t get lost, well, not really lost. lol Keeping up with Dufit, Ay and still leveling Thdoria does take it’s time and toll. Complaints from the rest of the crew over neglect are now daily incoming.

A small little screenie here. Check out the chat box. The ongoing conversation was folks trying to get a group together for a Sha fight.

If you’re wondering, class color showed for a mage.

30-40K dps, higher fully buffed? Seeing this prompted a talk with Ay.

Me: “Ay, on a good run at mobs you’re pushing around 13.5K dps in Ret. You generally hang out around the 9-10K range.

Ay: “well, you know. we’re hanging out here in our quest greens and blues. Those Golden Lotus and Klaxxi folks have some serious enemies and issues. And really, when was the last time we visited Mr. Robot?”

Me: “Listen Ay. I pay the bills around here. Like that 27 gold repair bill when a couple of measly bees, wasps and catapiller type bugs ganged up and beat you to death. Not to mention nursing you through your spirit healer rez sickness. I’m expecting you to be putting forth a bit more effort out there.”

My vote for the “Dumbest Damn Graveyard” in the game.

Ay: “It’s those darn holy power thingies and cd’s. And this mace just don’t hit hard enough or quick enough. And I won’t *ahem*, mention the condition of your so-called communications system.”

Me: “Okay Ay, you’ve got some minor points there. So here’s the plan. We’ll visit your Mr. Robot today. I’ll advance you the gold for possible upgrades. You need to try harder.”

Ay: “And what about all those invite declines for things like Sha and that overgrown mushan/rhino mutation?”

Me: “There’s no promises you’ll get anything from them Ay, other than more repair costs. But I’ll re-consider them next time around, if nothing else, just to see you faceplant yourself again.”

Lol, this a peek at some of the little conversations that happen behind the scenes. Well, a cleaned up version. 🙂 I recall asking Ay, that if I banged my head on the keyboard could he possibly do a little more damage?

Even though I do expect myself to do better, I don’t really stress out over preformance. The bottom line for me is: to have fun trying. One day, everything will come together.

And good things do happen almost daily.

Not too shabby for a 3 member guild!


Getting Ready?

This is Ay’s current look…he wasn’t too awful happy about showing his helm for this portrait. I had to bribe him.


As you can easily tell, Ay’s gear is a mix of Ruthless and crafted Vicious pvp. Along with some rep and quest reward gear. Yeppers! Most dedicated/leet players would cringe at this sight. And not the ‘cringe in fear’ type.

With the coming of Mists, Ay has been gazing into his crystal ball and wondering if he should try to upgrade his gear. Even if just a little bit. Am I, his handeler, worried about it? Not really. Other mains, alts and I have gone into new expansions in considerably worse conditions.

His current gear ilvl is 372. Obviously, some improvement would be easy enough to obtain. A few more TB’s and assorted battlegrounds and he could finish out the Ruthless set. Maybe push himself up to 390? Does he really need to do this?

I’ve been avoiding a lot of the technical information that’s been flowing for months over the new Mists. I seriously thought I’d rather go in blind and experience the whole of it in all it’s new-ness and glory. It’s been a challenge. I tend to take little quick sneaky peeks now and then, lol. Hmmm, the best laid plans of mice and men…..and Tauren.

The bottom line to all this rambleing on, is that Ay may have to forego some of his current pleasures and general laziness. Some of his bucket list of extra benefits may have to be curtailed. He may have to stop hunting those elusive mounts and frightfully tiny camel thingies. This makes for one disgruntled Tauren.

Look out Tol Barad! Ay’s in a mood and looking at you.



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