I Have Arrived!

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Late yesterday, I was finally able to enter Pandaria. My wait wasn’t as long as expected. When Thdoria had hearthed back to Org inbetween some archy digs, the quest to report to Grommosh Hold popped up. lol, it was like a sudden booster shot of energy and adrenilan rush all at once. She started to race for the ship off the coast. Her tactician pulled the plug though, and ordered Dufit to take the lead.

The first stop

I’m kind of wierd like that I guess. Anything new or unknown, I take whoever I feel is the strongest character at the moment. Dufit, even though in cloth, is the best geared. Aygaren’s a surviver for sure, but Dufit just kills things so much quicker. And poor Thdoria is still in quest greens and mismatched blues.

From higher up

So Dufit got the call and boarded the ship. Upon arrival, the initial battle going on was a real challenge, but so exciting! I’m sure Dufit’s heart was beating as fast as mine each time we found ourselves over-whelmed, at times with as many as 5 vicious bloodthirsty mobs. lol, I think his self-heals were like calling cards for everyone in the area to attack.

Everybody else left, but this guy camped me!

Things went along fairly well though. Until he got into some of the zone quests. His first death was not a pretty one. Not sure exactly what happened behind that tree, but there were suddenly 7 mobs whacking away and poor Duf bit the dust hard. Guess he should’nt have attempted taking a short cut through that camp 🙂


I do have to back track a bit though. Following the quest chain of events, I found us in another zone. So it’s back to the first village when servers are up again. I’m in no hurry this time around. I hope to do all the quests in each zone before I move on to the next.

Hmmm? Have to turn around now.

In the meantime, Dufit did collect a whole bunch of cloth so far, some unknown grey albeit valuable odditiy, and a cute little fishy pet. Oh, and his first three Pandarin achievements. Just lovin’ all the beautiful art work and music! How about you?

Might have some use? Vendors seems to think so, lol

Oh yeah, this is good. Another pet for the collection.

Oh! Cute new critters 🙂

The Alliance King’s son…things just got real interesting.





A Day Late…


*sad face day* Circumstances are such that I’ll not be able to greet the Pandas on opening day. Hopefully, I’ll join them within the coming week.


On the good side of things. Thdoria actually blazed through her Cata zones and dinged 85 this past Sunday! She also managed to skill cap her alchemy and herbalism. That makes three of the Horde crew ready for Pandaria. Yay! We’ll be going in with Blacksmithing, Tailoring, Enchanting and Alchemy. lol, plenty of farming ahead.

Thdoria’s push to 85 had it’s moments of frustration. For the most part, I’ve been kinda-sorta favorable with Blizzards’ idea for cross realm populating. But the reality is, it’s really buggy. Broken quests, cut scenes and other minor headaches are common. It took Thdoria a couple of tries to make her Twilight Highlands entrance. She kept losing the fleet.

Yes! We’re on the way.

“Was it my deoderant?”

“Umm? They jumped ship?”

Other minor problems; trying to talk to someone next to you…error message: “player does not exist.” Inabilities to loot at times (item un-clickable). Small things I should say, just a tad annoying. Although, they seem to be occuring on a regular basis.

Account wide achievements, mounts and pets. Has some advantages, though I’m not overly fond of their inclusion into the game. Maybe they’ll grow on me in time?

On the back burners: working on some possible UI changes and a forth-coming post over them. May attempt one of those dps Pandas, slot available for one but will probably wait until the beginning rush is over. Very doubtful if I’ll take any of my old alliance characters to Pandaria. I’m pretty well set into Horde side now. And there’s a handful of other game related things that need attention. Hmmmm? Me thinks the plate is a bit full atm. 🙂

Happy Panda adventures to all!

Okay, one more. You’ve just got to love those friendly npc’s you’re helping out.

Yep, they just love Thdoria.


Beyond the Pits

Random screenshot: Deepholm


Admittedly, I’ve gone through something of a “down period” in game. Perhaps you may be familar with such times. When there just seems to be more jerkbutts and “leetest” crap running about, taking the fun out of the game. Whiners and complainers seem to stack up high enough to surmount Nordrassil. These things come and go, and are usually taken with a grain of salt and two asprine on my part.

On rare occassion though, sparks of inner rage set off and in even rarer times, some folks get told to STFU!!!  🙂 I’m not usually one for such language, but then again, niether am I perfect. My more normal response to such things, is the quite handy and useful /ignor function. Works wonders most of the time.

There are plenty of other options available when the waters of Azeroth become stormy. For instance, I keep a wide range of Alts spread across several servers. Most are completely unknown, intentionally so. All but one or maybe two are un-guilded, solo’s by nature. In total, there are some 6 or maybe 7 now, level capped 85’s. The rest span the whole level range at odd points.

Another option I choose at times, is to go out into the ‘world’, and just do simple but nice things for other players. Sometimes, I’ll quietly buff or heal a leveling lowbie. Sometimes, I’ll hang around some starter areas trying to spot newer players to the game, and offer them a Netherweave bag or two. Bags are always a helpful source and I keep several on hand in most of my characters backpacks. Sometimes, when it seems needed, I’ll add a sudden death killing shot to that raging boar who’s enjoying ripping apart a young clothie. Doing these kinds of things from a distance, then mounting and disappearing into thin air are the standard. Sometimes I’ll get noticed though, and see a surprised “TY!” whisper pop up. It soothes the heart.

These are just some of the options available which I use. There is one other thing though that would be really nice if more people would put it into practice. Including myself at the top of that list 🙂

During this recent, slightly inner rage slump, I was off on Thdoria making efforts on that final push to 85. My little sound alert for incoming whisper went off. Someone was asking if I was “Aygaren.” I did’nt recognize the name. I whisper’d back saying hello, and yes it was me. What followed was a nice compliment about enjoying my blog, and the conversation went on from there.

My point here, is taking the time to actually say something nice to somebody in game. You don’t really have to know them. It could be something as simple as answering their /2 question that’s being trashed about. I’m usually fairly good at whispering the right answers to folks to help out, but I should take this up a level and openly answer them in /2. Maybe if more of the nicer players would do this, we could at least put a leash on the trash. IDK, it’s a thought this early morn.

So what do you do during these times of stormy Azerothian seas? Come on now, put it out there in the open, give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it. I’ll even give you one myself. For Azeroth needs to know who it’s true heros are.


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