Incoming Patch?

With 5.2 getting really close now, and you realize that there’s not a lot you can do to better your crew before the incoming content, what do you do? (your milage will vary)

With my crew about as good as they’ll get for now, I’ve settled upon just maintaining the three farms and minor efforts towards building valor points up. Each of the three plant their farms according to their profession needs, so it’s sorta like just stockpileing mats.

Beyond that, each of the rest have been assigned various zones to complete for sections of the Loremaster title. Leetan did the honors of finishing off the Eastern Kingdoms.

Eastern Kingdoms completed

Eastern Kingdoms completed

Now, everyone is concentrating their efforts on Kalimdor. Two of the eight zones needed are done. Ashenvale is being probmatic. It still has that bugged/glitched quest that has been a headache for like forever. Never been fixed. :s

The good part about this little side project of Loremaster, is that each of those dusty alts are seeing a fair amount of attention and leveling quite well. Well enough, that Ay opened his coin bag and bought 3 of them heirloom cloaks from the guild rewards vendor.

The hunter and baby pally are progressing as expected. Both are strong and capable ‘get-it-done’ classes. The surprise in the lot so far though is Nokila, the warlock. Demonology specced, she has aquired some sort of natural talent in using her toolbox of goodies. Right or wrong, she’s figured out how to quickly build her powers up, then snap in and out of her purple demon form for quick kills. lol, kind of like a shape-shifting druid. She gets their attention, then pops and kills them. Moving along quickly, she can keep this going on for quite some time. Very effective.

Besides Kalimdor, there’s still Outland and Northrend to consider. I’m not really looking forward to the Outland grinds. Hopefully this new set of alts will make things a bit more bareable. Northrend…well, I’ve always raced everyone through there, skipping a lot of things. So it’s going to be a grind fest. Cata zones, no real problem there. The water world is the only zone I’ve consistantly skipped completeing on anyone. Pandara is done, thanks to Dufits’ tenacity, energy and vigor in wanting to experience it all from first launch.

That about sums things up for the moment. A few loose ends but, meh, we’ll get to them sooner or later. 🙂


The Daily Grind Blues

Uh, tired of those dailys/valor grind? You’re. Not. Alone.

aygarens' daily grinding list

aygarens’ daily grinding list

Being someone who generally enjoys questing and doing dailys, I shocked myself at the end of last week. It’s something of an organized habit to take the three lvl 90s’ in turn, to begin each day with harvesting and re-planting their farms. Then one, and sometimes two, will get the call to muster their way through an onslaught of dailys. No real problem here, just time consuming since any one of the three can easily rack up 20-25 dailys.

Dufit has the added efforts of setting up and mastering an attack on the auction house. That requires some time every weekday morning as well. Last Friday when he finished up, I looked at the screen and said to self, “I am just sooooo tired of dailys right now.” Let’s face facts here. It’s a real chore to keep those three adventurers happy. They’re all like “Go-Go-Go!” and I’m like all “WTH!!!”

So I told them to get and go if they wished, but I was taking a much needed time out.

Off I went a’visiting. Yeppers. All them alts that had been collecting dust since the Pandaren invasion got to see some daylight for a change.

Two in particular stood out. One belf demonology warlock, and a lowly panda bm hunter. Levels 19 and 18 respectively. I haven’t yet raised a Panda class, so he was an obvious choice to run around with. Besides that, he had leatherworking. A profession I would like to see 600 capped out.



The blood elf lock……well, just an untold story. She’s one other class I’ve never level capped out, so could prove interesting. Profession wise, she wasn’t into anything other than random gathering. So, like it or not, she is now charged with that elusive engineering profession.



Over the weekend, both made noticeable and delightful progress both in character and skills. The lock actually became good at killing stuffs! So she was rewarded with the cool looking wolf mount from the vast stable of choices when she attained level 40. Yessir! 19-40 in practically no time at all. Gotta love that re-vamped leveling aspect.

Nokila at level 40!

Nokila at level 40!

Our little Panda hunter guy faired good as well. Leveled from 18 to 27 in the blink of an eye he did. He enjoyed his time of attention so much though, that he chose to add his own faction mount to the community stable. Really nice of him to do so. It pushed us up to 101 unique mounts! And his mount choice matches with his tanking companion as well! Now, what could be more enjoyable and awesome? I know Dufit was quite relieved over this. He can now slow down on his dungeon rep grinds for that panda faction rep.

Leetan's mount choice

Leetan’s mount choice

So really now. If like many others you’re tired and bumming out over daily/valor grinds, go dust off a couple of lowly alts. I promise, the grinds will still be there when you’re all refreshed and ready to tackle them again.

What Is Real?

I sorta-kinda remember from some time back, someone saying something along these lines:

~What most people think of as reality, is really fantasy. What they call fantasy, is the true reality.~

Not the exact quote, but close enough for now. Sooooooo, where have I been lately? 🙂 Mostly running around Pandaria, with minor side journeys into old Azeroth. I’ll let you dear readers chose the state of reality/fantasy traveled in.



flying with Hellscream

flying with Hellscream

With the coming of Landfall (5.1), Dufit has been scrambling about building another new reputation status. Although he still has Shado-Pan and Celestials to complete, along with daily farm care, the lure of some pvp on the beachs of Krasarang was not to be ignored.

He has held off doing the Dagger in the Dark scenario just yet though. Recent news of Aygaren’s mis-adventures advised that some pre-research would be advisable.

On the other hand, Aygaren has a full farm to care for now, along with numerous faction reps underway. His plate is rather full, but he found a bit of time to attempt some solo-man raids. The outcome was mixed, some good, some disasterous. The switch back to protection for them was interesting to say the least. And perhaps his first choices could have been better, along with a little bit of “pre-research”, lol!

What! I need frost?

What! I need frost?

Got lucky on this one!

Got lucky on this one!

Ahhhh, the talented, though rather lazy, Thdoria. Good at making flasks for everyone, as long as they send her bunches of Golden Lotus. At the tender age of 89, she’s gingerly stepping out at times to entice the Klaxxi into liking her. Recently, Aygaren gifted her with the Umbrella of Chi-Ji. Since then she’s been searching for an appropriate dagger to use. She’ll get back to those Klaxxi folks in due time, so she says.



Okay! I just had to do it. The only race I haven’t attempted to play yet. Introducing the new and needed leathercrafter, Leetan!




Org-not so friendly

Leetan is 17 now, and I’m really not looking forward all that much to his growing pains. He has two saving graces: leatherworking and rare pets. Oh, and he also dislikes Hellscream. And he is a Beastmaster. It’s going to be a long journey for him although the outlook is fair.

The guild: Slowly growing, at level 13 now. Hope abounds, potential is slim. Finding and encouraging good people to join is a huge project. I’ve even considered recruiting a “recruitment officer.” Visions, plans and goals are all great things to have. Sitting around in Org or somewhere attempting to entice membership is not one of my strong suits. It’s one of those duties I just as soon allocate. In the meantime, I do what I can in building and caring for guild rep on the home front. Out in the world doing things and being helpful to other players. lol, at least no one is bashing the guild in /2!

Onwards and upwards! Maintenance should end in a couple of hours now and I should go searching for some dagger in dark info. Dufit has an appointment with Mr. Robot, and the screenshots have piled up again. Such is life in Azeroth these days 🙂

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