The Feeding of Alts

Okay. So I’ve been poking around with this and that thinking that this is a really good time to do that sort of thing. You know the drill. That quiet time when one xpac is finished and the next isn’t due out yet. That time when you play just for the sake of playing, exploring news alts. Perhaps making some adjustments to playstyle, your UI and whatever sparks within you as needed but long left behind undone.

So tonight I read about the possibility of Mists perhaps, MAYBE, coming out a bit sooner than expected, minus raid content. Not exactly a new idea on Blizzards’ part. Content has been staggered before. I’m sure many players would welcome a slightly earlier release with time to gear up and such before raid content hits live. I’m also sure there’ll be a lot of QQ’ing on the official community forums from those less joyful over the raid content. As for myself…..meh. What comes will come. Or not. But……WTH Blizz!!!!!

I’ve been lining up all my alts for this. They are not prepared! They need a bit more time. Just a bit, I promise! Sorting out all these professions, who’s going to do what, who’s even available to do what. There are plans in the works, decisions to make and none to lightly either! And I’ll just say this. Raising up six alts and the spread of professions for each is not all that easy. They are strong minded individuals who make many demands upon their handler. Do for one, and the other five stamp their feet for attention. Can you just imagine six unrulely teenagers mulling about? Well, mostly teenagers. Those a bit older aren’t much better and just as demanding. And then there’s the 12 yr. old who thinks SHE knows it ALL to boot! And I, their handler, must exercise great caution in these stratagy meetings with them. After all, they are a batch of bloodthirsty killers at large.

All I ask Blizz, is just a bit more time to hopefully satisfy this group to some minor extent. Preferably, before talk of public hanging turns to gathering up the rope and finding a suitable tree in the Barrens.

Welcome to the world of Alts.

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  1. aygaren
    Jun 26, 2012 @ 11:43:12

    @ Tomb- those alts can be rather pesky, especially when left un-attended 🙂

    @ Roneebean- lol, got my hands full atm and it’s certainly a full time occupation with the six of them!

    There is a plan behind it all though. Really, there is! Mawhahahaha!!!!!

  2. tomeoftheancient
    Jun 26, 2012 @ 10:33:12

    Yesterday I was horrified to find that on one of my many alts I had forgotten to finish leveling fishing. She was sitting there with fishing at 497! What was I thinking! I’m surprised she let me get away with that.

  3. Roneebean
    Jun 26, 2012 @ 05:07:52

    It’s a full time occupation caring for Alts. My Alliance scribe should be maxed this week. Then it’s straight over to Horde baby hunter ….

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