That’s Not Me!

The other day, I had need to journey to the home. Nothing serious. I apparently had never set up a Battletag number. Of coarse, this meant I had to actually sign-in to accomplish the mission.

Since I had gone this far a stray thought provoked me into visiting myself on the armory first. Up pops Aygaren. HOLY S*&!!!  THAT is not me! WTH!!!!

Must look good to kill stuffs!

Must look good to kill stuffs!

Well, it really was me, the real me, in my actual gear. What a shock. I’m so used to seeing me as I am in game that the real actual gear seemed gosh awful ugly. Yeah, guess I’ve been mogged for some time now, lol.

The whole appearance thingy held over until today. With the extra time to just do whatever, I started looking at possible transmog sets for Thdoria. Knowing my general wealth in game and capabilities, I shifted down towards green gear sets. After all, easier to farm if necessary which translates into less time consuming.

I’m not into the whole transmogging thing like many are, although, I have seen so many great mogs around that I figure one set per character would be a good thing. With Ay running around Pandaria in his Sunsong armor set, (brick battleplate recolor), he does seem to be rather unique. I kind of like the “knight-in-shining-armor” look.

Finally settled upon a set for Thdoria to begin with. (Shadow Council Regalia) It doesn’t really strike a chord within me like Ay’s did, but someplace to start none the less. It appears thus far that some of the pieces may need some old dungeon farming. No problem, both Ay and Dufit are capable of soloing these. It don’t seem to be a real common set, so perhaps when completed it will hold some of the “unique” value I can live with.

yeah, a little transmog won't hurt

yeah, a little transmog won’t hurt

So then, it’s pretty much a mixed day around here. Kind of lazy and laid back. It’s all good, for tomorrow it’s back to the usual adventures. 🙂

Aygarens’ World, pt.1


Tiz a glorious day of peace in Azeroth today. Like most major world conflicts it won’t last long, but we can certainly enjoy this temporary truce.

Double Ding!!

and then there were two!

Aygarens’ road to level 90 didn’t take as long as Dufits’. Not in real time anyway. Ay skipped over many of the sights and story lines, while Dufit had to uncover every nook and cranny he could find. Ay probably could have made his journey sooner, but he did spend extra time digging up Pandarian and Mogu artifacts. By the time he reached the age needed to travel to the Seat of Knowledge, he had two pristine articfacts to add to the Lorewalkers collections. They were quite pleased and contributed to his growing, carefully crated collection. Of coarse, over this time Ay did get a bug about “looking” like a leader. Kind of a knight in shineing armor thing. The upkeep costs a few gold, but he’s totally enjoying it. 🙂

Sunsong quest armor set

After his newly aquired Pandarian flight abilities, Ay went visiting some mountain tops. You just never know what you’re going to find!

Ay thinks they stayed for the view.

Rep Grind Dailys: With both Ay and Dufit now competing for faction attentions, some mutual cooperation will be needed.

Side info note; I had been reading about the pet battle system and discovered that the dailys for it were considered account wide. If one character does them, another character won’t have them available that day. Or so is my understanding. I got to wondering if this also applys to the rep grind faction dailys. I don’t have the answer to that just yet, although I have given thoughts as though it was quite probable. So here’s the possible arrangements for Ay and Dufit.

Golden Lotus: Dufit is exalted, don’t really need to do them.

The Klaxxi: Dufit nearly exalted, a few days of bloodshed and he’ll have the staff he desires. He’ll push them so Ay has a clear field. Aygaren has an advantage with The Klaxxi, which is most appreciated. Getting to Honored was a walk in the woods and he’s able to use some stuffs he mines to gain new blacksmithing patterns. As with other professions though, crafting costs are high and the realm economy isn’t that great. But that’s another story for another time.

The Tillers: Dufit could skip dailys here, he’s only doing them for the Ironpaw tokens while making his final runs on each of the “Ways”. His farm is complete, Ay is just starting his.

Order of the Cloud Serpent: Open for Ay. Dufit seldom goes there anymore.

The Shado-Pan: All for Dufit, Ay is not prepared.

The August Celestials: Again, all Dufit.

The Lorewalkers: Dufit is exalted, although Ay is the archaeologist and needs their favors.

Thdoria: Ah, we cannot look over this lovely Belf shadow priest. At level 86, she is tending to some simple farming in Halfhill. Recently, she was promoted to Transmutation Master within the Alchemy trade. She also faces some of the same difficulties in the crafting market as Ay and Dufit. Other than the small farm, she’s still picking flowers and occasionally sheding baddie blood around the Valley.

That’s were the three main activists are at the moment. They face some economic issues, guild progress issues and “time-sharing”. 🙂  All things considered, the journeys into Pandaria are going quite well! Ay has even stumbled upon traces of his first archaeological rare!

maybe pretty nice, might take a bit of digging though

Okay, here’s wishing everyone a great day!

That Moggin’ Crew

Yep, those moggin’ folks are up to it again!

I’ve been sorta-kinda following their posts and such for some time, even though I don’t indulge as yet. It does seem like a lot of fun and some of the end results I’ve seen are really quite fantastic looking outfits! Maybe some day I’ll give it a go around, but in the meantime you should head on over to the lastest competition headquarters and check things out for yourself. The contest is called Transmogolympics, at ArcaneWordSmith.  You can also catch some more buzz about it over at Tomb’s place.  Don’t procrastinate now, it’s going to be very interesting indeed.

I came across a little link for sigs in my reading so thought I’d give it a try-out. It came from a place called  Apparently though, I could only make one with up to five characters. Rather nice results though.

result from

Above is most of the crew from the Fenris home. Unfortunately, Kanara and Bazzel didn’t make the photo shoot. I like the little circle thingies with how they actually looked up-to-date.  Hopefully, all the rest from the ‘other’ servers won’t see this post or I’ll have a real problem on my hands. lol

Quite some time back, Aygaren had dug up Queen Azshara’s Dressing Gown.  Thdoria was quite young at the time, but has finally grown into the gown. She now has 4 “fave-outfits” she’s saving for various occasions.

Queen Azshara’s Dressing Gown

Ay’s got a few other goodies laying around from his archaeology efforts, although it don’t look like anyone will be able to use them in the near future.  Speaking of archaeology…..Thdoria is the alchemist for the group. You know what’s in her future, 🙂 She did procrastinate a bit though and only just started her own archy endeavors. Fortunately, she has plenty of time before she can head into Uldum, lol.

To cap things off—everyone is under strick orders to fulfill their fishing and cooking dailys. Along with sending raw mats to whoever needs them. Ay and Dufit also have the added responsibilities of saving up any and all volitiles. And of coarse, everyone fulfilled their requirement to visit the Darkmoon Faire for the extra profession skill points. ROFL!  hahaha, their feeling the pressure.

Have fun everone, and don’t forget those extra skill points from DMF!



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