Just Another Tuesday

Yep, 5.0.something-or-other is coming today, sometime. Last I read about, maintenance got extended until 1pm (PDT), that’s 4pm local for me. So in the meantime…

some preperations were made. I went over the new talent system once again and decided upon an initial set-up for Aygaren. As with all things, it’s subject to change at any given moment. Also went over his gem and enchant options. Made some choices there, then rested my head for a few moments. lol

I’ll probably take some time over the next day or two just getting everyones’ talents sorted out. Check out the new surge in the AH prices, which always happens with large patch updates. Maybe Ay can make a gold or two along the way. Aygaren and Dufit will be priorities, as they’ll need to be ready for the Theramore Event.

Yesterday, Aygaren did make some “last day” journeys in hopes of picking up a few things he still hasn’t obtained. It was a world-wide jaunt, bouncing from one to the next. Another last semi-camp out for the TLPD. No luck there. Mysterious Camel Figurine-still empty handed, and Lord Rivendare is just as stubborn as always.  Deepholm…unforgiving. Anzu…beginning to strongly dislike that ol’ bird.

Damn Bird!

A lot of travel time and nothing to show for it. Well, almost nothing. Ay did finally manage to get his dog whistle. To make things a little less bitter for the day, he did tranmog his large, ugly PvP shoulders in something a bit more pleasant to look at.

Shy Dog

He then proceeded to clean out his personal bank. A lot of things just had to go, like it or not. Came across this old book in there. He can’t even remember where he got it from. It was just odd enough though to qualify as a keeper, for now.

Odd little book.

Everyone else? Hmmm? Killona is resting up after her initial dungeon tanking experience. She had her hopes set high for it…….perhaps too high, considering the LFD reputation thing. The only other intelligent, cooperative group member, was the healer. Overall, she did a great job. Nokila the warlock, is more than ready to attempt dungeons as a dps’er. I hear she’s aquired a pair of earplugs and rose colored glasses. Thdoria has been camped out in Dalaran. Omnidius (fire mage) burned his way to level 50. Olmer, BM hunter is wandering through his 40’s. I think Bazzel (troll shaman) is off communing with spirits of some sort. And Freezia (frost mage), took leave of the team. To the surprise of many, her slot was filled with a Human paladin!

An ally! Really?!?

I hear that the Horde crew wants to have a word with their key-masher.

Enough random Tuesday stuffs for now. I’m sure everyone has been busy with updating their add-ons, hoping their UI isn’t too awful broken, and sifting through the new talent set-up.  This post is just a mind-less break from all that. ROFL!!!