Patch 5.2–Random Assessments

Consider This: What I’m about to put forward here is based purely upon my own thoughts and opinions. Knowing this, you are prepared to read further if you so choose. 🙂

Patch 5.2 assesments: Let’s begin with Sunsong Ranch and the farm(s). If you’ve been following news at MMO Champion, you of coarse already know of the numerous changes coming to the ranch. Overall, I’m generally in favor of these changes even though some really won’t have much affect on my Horde crew at this time. For example:

image borrowed from MMO Champion

image borrowed from MMO Champion

The new work orders you begin to recieve if you’ve accepted the ranch as “your own.” These work orders require you to plant and harvest 8 of X products. Filling the order and delivering it will gain you 300 rep with the faction you accepted these new dailys from.

If like me, your main and possibly an alt or two, already has exalted rep status with these factions. So at this point in the expansion, these new dailys will only serve any more alts you choose to bring up through the rep grinds. (In my opinion) And of coarse, this is based upon my current level of information and could possibly see change as the patch continues to develop.

Merchant Greenfield will be offering seed paks which will allow you to plant 4 seeds at a time. Apparently, these packets will cost you 30 seeds to buy, although it appears that a packet will have 10 charges. My thoughts: this could prove to be a time saver since I have 3 full farms working. The packet cost is okay considering the 10 charges per, as you’d actually be saving yourself the cost of 10 extra individual seeds. Consider this as though your favorite seed of choice is on sale for bulk purchases! You may want to stock up on some extra seeds before patch time. Patch notes indicate that the yield from seeds will possibly go up as well.

Another area of interest which has caught my eye: “Troves of the Thunder King.”  (link is for youtube video from MMO Champion) Dufit, my little goblin shadow priest, is just the kind of adventure who will spend some time perfecting his runs and loot snatching skills here. This is one of those side journeys that has blood-pumping excitement, many challenges and just plain looks like fun to do. It is said, that a good successful run could net you several hundred gold and many other items of interest. Hmmm, very interesting for my little gold hoarder.

With new factions opening up in the coming patch, we’re once again looking at more daily rep grinds. Gaining revered with your respective faction will offer you more valor point gear to buy. Cloaks for example, are set to require 937 VP’s, and their ilvl is 496. Quartermasters apparently will also be offering those expensive Blood Spirits needed for several crafting professions. Cost: apparently 400 VP’s. Well then, you just know you’re going to be grinding out those reps, so take advantage of the offerings as you can. On the other hand…..There is a listing of new Raid Finder Gear  you can look forward to. So far, ilvl of this gear seems to be 502. The list looks good, choose wisely.

Nice and interesting write-up over at Wow Insider’s “Know Your Lore.”  (link to article) Obviously, I am not a great loremaster. I do enjoy reading about lore in the game though and this article talks about the possibility of Jaina becoming the Alliance version of Warchief. Being Horde, why would this interest me? If you’ve been through the Domination Point quest/story lines, the answer is: Lor’themar Theron. Everyone has an opinion on who is most likely to possibly become the new Horde Warchief. Considering all that has transpired through Domination Point, and the opening of 5.2–Lor’themar Theron is still my favorite and desired choice.

New Warchief?

New Warchief?

That’s it for today folks. We wish you good fortune in all your pre-patch adventures! Which btw, looks like possibly March 5, since that is the schedualed end of the PvP Season tier.

That’s Not Me!

The other day, I had need to journey to the home. Nothing serious. I apparently had never set up a Battletag number. Of coarse, this meant I had to actually sign-in to accomplish the mission.

Since I had gone this far a stray thought provoked me into visiting myself on the armory first. Up pops Aygaren. HOLY S*&!!!  THAT is not me! WTH!!!!

Must look good to kill stuffs!

Must look good to kill stuffs!

Well, it really was me, the real me, in my actual gear. What a shock. I’m so used to seeing me as I am in game that the real actual gear seemed gosh awful ugly. Yeah, guess I’ve been mogged for some time now, lol.

The whole appearance thingy held over until today. With the extra time to just do whatever, I started looking at possible transmog sets for Thdoria. Knowing my general wealth in game and capabilities, I shifted down towards green gear sets. After all, easier to farm if necessary which translates into less time consuming.

I’m not into the whole transmogging thing like many are, although, I have seen so many great mogs around that I figure one set per character would be a good thing. With Ay running around Pandaria in his Sunsong armor set, (brick battleplate recolor), he does seem to be rather unique. I kind of like the “knight-in-shining-armor” look.

Finally settled upon a set for Thdoria to begin with. (Shadow Council Regalia) It doesn’t really strike a chord within me like Ay’s did, but someplace to start none the less. It appears thus far that some of the pieces may need some old dungeon farming. No problem, both Ay and Dufit are capable of soloing these. It don’t seem to be a real common set, so perhaps when completed it will hold some of the “unique” value I can live with.

yeah, a little transmog won't hurt

yeah, a little transmog won’t hurt

So then, it’s pretty much a mixed day around here. Kind of lazy and laid back. It’s all good, for tomorrow it’s back to the usual adventures. 🙂

Ramble On Tauren!

It’s been a very interesting weekend thus far, meaning Fri. and Sat. So, pardon me if I seem to ramble on a bit with no real plan.

Okay, I’ve actually got the UI mostly set-up, including the party and raid frames. Or at least I hope so, lol. One more project nearly completed, so one point for ‘happy-time.’

My co-gm, (guildmate and game friend all-in-one) sent Ay a wonderful little gift for which I’m very thankful. It’s this battle pet. Hehe! Now, I have this feeling that a certain “Cat” might be trying to lure me into that whole pet battle scene and although tempting as it is, I just have so many little projects going on that another one will have to take a number. So I will tuck the little guy/gal(?) away safely for when things settle down a bit.

Speaking of guild for a moment: A new member has joined our little bundle of ‘greys’. I’m really happy about this overall. Our initial forays into the world together have been fun, hectic, exciting…a mixed bag of surprises.

I foresee a lot of potential here, from the perspective of a guild leader. Perhaps I’m a bit of a dreamer but then again, dreamers are what builds and makes the worlds of Azeroth go ’round. Along with guilds, 🙂  We now have four members, and I think if we ever all come together at once with some basic plans, the potential of a solid and interesting team could be in the making. As long as we keep the ‘fun and exciting’ parts flowing, I think the future is promising.

Ay has been running as Ret for his tour in Pandaria. lol, it’s not a pretty picture! He’s sadly in need of better gear and he’s just not making all the efforts he can to get there. He learned rather quickly the other night when the repair bill topped the 25g mark. Or was it 45g? Either one, deaths just don’t pay well, rotfl! So he’s just gonna have to grin and bear the random group thing and hit up some dungeons. lol, I foresee a few “kick-the-noob” sceanarios ahead.

at least he "looks" good!

at least he “looks” good!

If Ay thought his gear failed, Thdoria’s is even worse. As a caster dps though, she could probably manage the early MoP dungeons in fair shape.

Dufit, fairly geared, should be hitting the LFR every week though he’s yet to attempt it. Overall, I do foresee a lot of encounter research ahead. His little pick sheet shows him eligible for two raids. Haven’t got a clue how they work, so we’re breaking new ground once again.

The AH adventure: The first week of TSM accounting is encouraging. Just about 7k income for the week. Got a lot to learn yet though. Still trying to narrow the market down to something good for us. So far, it looks like a mix of several areas have potential.

Okay, I’ll wrap up the rambeling for now. Remember, it’s only pixel death. Do the corpse run and try, try, try, again. LOL!

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