The Daily Grind Blues

Uh, tired of those dailys/valor grind? You’re. Not. Alone.

aygarens' daily grinding list

aygarens’ daily grinding list

Being someone who generally enjoys questing and doing dailys, I shocked myself at the end of last week. It’s something of an organized habit to take the three lvl 90s’ in turn, to begin each day with harvesting and re-planting their farms. Then one, and sometimes two, will get the call to muster their way through an onslaught of dailys. No real problem here, just time consuming since any one of the three can easily rack up 20-25 dailys.

Dufit has the added efforts of setting up and mastering an attack on the auction house. That requires some time every weekday morning as well. Last Friday when he finished up, I looked at the screen and said to self, “I am just sooooo tired of dailys right now.” Let’s face facts here. It’s a real chore to keep those three adventurers happy. They’re all like “Go-Go-Go!” and I’m like all “WTH!!!”

So I told them to get and go if they wished, but I was taking a much needed time out.

Off I went a’visiting. Yeppers. All them alts that had been collecting dust since the Pandaren invasion got to see some daylight for a change.

Two in particular stood out. One belf demonology warlock, and a lowly panda bm hunter. Levels 19 and 18 respectively. I haven’t yet raised a Panda class, so he was an obvious choice to run around with. Besides that, he had leatherworking. A profession I would like to see 600 capped out.



The blood elf lock……well, just an untold story. She’s one other class I’ve never level capped out, so could prove interesting. Profession wise, she wasn’t into anything other than random gathering. So, like it or not, she is now charged with that elusive engineering profession.



Over the weekend, both made noticeable and delightful progress both in character and skills. The lock actually became good at killing stuffs! So she was rewarded with the cool looking wolf mount from the vast stable of choices when she attained level 40. Yessir! 19-40 in practically no time at all. Gotta love that re-vamped leveling aspect.

Nokila at level 40!

Nokila at level 40!

Our little Panda hunter guy faired good as well. Leveled from 18 to 27 in the blink of an eye he did. He enjoyed his time of attention so much though, that he chose to add his own faction mount to the community stable. Really nice of him to do so. It pushed us up to 101 unique mounts! And his mount choice matches with his tanking companion as well! Now, what could be more enjoyable and awesome? I know Dufit was quite relieved over this. He can now slow down on his dungeon rep grinds for that panda faction rep.

Leetan's mount choice

Leetan’s mount choice

So really now. If like many others you’re tired and bumming out over daily/valor grinds, go dust off a couple of lowly alts. I promise, the grinds will still be there when you’re all refreshed and ready to tackle them again.

Dailys, Dailys and More Dailys!

Dailys, dailys and more dailys! There’s been a flood of them for Dufit and each one for good reason.

Easy one for Dufit!

Okay, atm I’m bouncing back and forth with the “que time” to log-in after the rolling restarts…again. So here I am killing some of that time 🙂

Dufit’s day begins in Halfhill gathering up his dailys there, then on to his farm for harvesting and replanting. This morning, The Tillers honored his efforts with a second plot to plant.

Neighborly help with the weeds!

Yep, we be farming now 🙂

Then it’s off to the Arboretium, to fulfill his duties for the Order of the Cloud Serpents and his hatchling care.

Aw, she so cute!

No rest yet. It’s on to the Angler’s Wharf! This is a relaxing set of dailys though since he does enjoy his fishing time.

Angler’s Wharf

Dufit like surprises!

After his relaxation period, it’s off to the Dread Wastes, the bug people and more dailys. After that, some more causal fishing, hunting up Dark Soil mounds and generally just flying about exploring nooks, crannies and whatever looks like possible hiding places for treasures. Next week, Aygaren and Thdoria will both make their journeys into Pandaria.

Just flying around can get things done

Working for it helps some as well!

And that makes two!

Okay, I’m still waiting on the game que, certainly hope your wait isn’t as long!