🙂 More or less. Taking a short break for some un-expected pizza arrival.

Ay has been semi-busy this morning. A few Firelands dailys just for the fun of it, and some archaeology digging in Uldum. Kind of works out with the mining and camel hunting there. Those camel thingies are really small, hard to see for me. Even with NPCScan going off, it’s still a bit of a hunt, lol.  One thing I did do to help though. A little suggestion from WoW Rare Spawns if I remember correctly. Turn on Friendly names and units in your interface. I happen to use Tidy Plates for nameplates as well. This way, those little camels wind up with great big nameplates above them! Mawhahaha! Gottcha!!!

They are tiny!

Even from a distance, I can spot their nameplates much easier now.

Archaeology: Ay has been picking and poking at it, with several rare finds in the works. Uldum was being kinda sparse though and not giving up much until today. Five, count them, FIVE digsites! Enough to just about finish off the rare piece he’d been digging up for several weeks now.

Now then, dummie me not being able to remember things often enough, thought I was working on a fancy staff of sorts. After all, it did begin with “Scepter” in it’s name. LOL! Imagine my surprise when I added one of those rune sticks to finish the find, and this is what I came into:

OMG! It’s a mount!

The shock was like……..well, it was a good kind of shock.

In other news. Thdoria turned 30 yesterday, and is doing quite well for herself.

As she is…

…and in Shadow form.

Yeppers, she’s moving right along now and looking promising. About time to try some dungeons out.

Now, if I could only catch up on my reading. Having those few days away really backed up on me, lol.

A Good Morning

Things have been a bit slow for Ay, until this morning. The day started out with:

Yes, finally!

With that darn bird off Ay’s mind now, he moved on to his other preoccupations. As much as he mines in Uldum, nothing has ever showed. Again, this morning proved a bit different.

Cyrus the Black, the first rare to show for Ay

Then it was off to Deepholm for Aeonaxx, who did not show again. But this one ‘wormed’ into view:

No rest for the bounty hunter. It was off to the Storm Peaks for some time to hunt the infamous TLPD. No such luck though, so back to Uldum after some archaeology.

Ay was quite surprised to come across yet another sought after trophy:

Ever since Cata appeared on the scene, none of the kids has ever had any luck with the Mysterious Camel thingy, including Ay. Until right after the above kill:

It’s okay, at least the ice is broken now!


Hope you’re morning has been as good to you!



Aygaren: Bounty Hunter

Good gracious! I’ve fallen back on posting again. Blame the game time, okay?

Ay has been very busy of late. Trying to finish up his Bloody Rare and Frostbitten achievements, stockpiling raw mats and attempting to make lots of gold for the Panda invasion. Key word there: attempting. He’s not much of an AH player. Still does all his cyphering with paper, pencil and visual searches. lol

He really started his bounty hunting some time back, when he first entered Outland. And then Northrend. Had maybe about 12 kills between the two up until a short time ago. Then he strongly urged me to buy him NPCScan. Things have gone much better now.

Bloody Rare Done!

He has only one Northrend rare to go. One very elusive bird, Aotona. Of coarse, he still stalks the Time-Lost Proto Drake. And he says Anzu is getting sick of seeing him, so maybe that’ll turn over in his favor. Mawhahaha! I have to give that Tauren credit for stubborness.

Anyway, Ay wanted to show some of his rare finds, so here’s a few we rounded up. (I’m way behind on cleaning up my WoW screenshot folder!) *finger must be attached to the print screen button, lol !

Ambassador J

Bog Lurker






The Last One

*Okay, I tried to make a gallery out of all these. Really!  I just haven’t got it quite figured out just yet. I know. “NOOB!” LOL!!!! *  I’ll get it right someday.

Lots of other things going on besides Ay’s bounty hunting. I hear there’s a mystery Blood Elf  lurking about lately.


Sunday, June 3 :  Darkmoon Faire – – – June 21: Midsummer Fire Festival

Random NPC quote:

“What would you ask of death?” -Forsaken flight master

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