“The Final Power”  This is a tough one for Dufit, so far. He’s got dead more than a few times trying to complete this quest. lol, about 8 times before I pulled the plug on his attempts for a breather! And that’s something like about 75 gold in repairs so far. What can we say? Cloth armor doesn’t hold up very well in times like these.

always go into battle on a full belly!


okay, one guy, no too bad

hmmm? he’s got a bit of health going on.

They say the trick is in using the spears against him.

During on attempt, Dufit actually managed to avoid the lightning long enough to get this guy down to 50% health. Even with the Crane’s wing buff, this is a tough one. That lightning gets ominous, going in both directions at times. And it does hit hard. VERY HARD!  And if you miss getting one of his spears….lots of damage as well.

Maybe a break will smooth things out. Maybe this guy will be tired a few hours from now. Maybe Dufit is going to die a lot more!!!


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