A Day Late…


*sad face day* Circumstances are such that I’ll not be able to greet the Pandas on opening day. Hopefully, I’ll join them within the coming week.


On the good side of things. Thdoria actually blazed through her Cata zones and dinged 85 this past Sunday! She also managed to skill cap her alchemy and herbalism. That makes three of the Horde crew ready for Pandaria. Yay! We’ll be going in with Blacksmithing, Tailoring, Enchanting and Alchemy. lol, plenty of farming ahead.

Thdoria’s push to 85 had it’s moments of frustration. For the most part, I’ve been kinda-sorta favorable with Blizzards’ idea for cross realm populating. But the reality is, it’s really buggy. Broken quests, cut scenes and other minor headaches are common. It took Thdoria a couple of tries to make her Twilight Highlands entrance. She kept losing the fleet.

Yes! We’re on the way.

“Was it my deoderant?”

“Umm? They jumped ship?”

Other minor problems; trying to talk to someone next to you…error message: “player does not exist.” Inabilities to loot at times (item un-clickable). Small things I should say, just a tad annoying. Although, they seem to be occuring on a regular basis.

Account wide achievements, mounts and pets. Has some advantages, though I’m not overly fond of their inclusion into the game. Maybe they’ll grow on me in time?

On the back burners: working on some possible UI changes and a forth-coming post over them. May attempt one of those dps Pandas, slot available for one but will probably wait until the beginning rush is over. Very doubtful if I’ll take any of my old alliance characters to Pandaria. I’m pretty well set into Horde side now. And there’s a handful of other game related things that need attention. Hmmmm? Me thinks the plate is a bit full atm. 🙂

Happy Panda adventures to all!

Okay, one more. You’ve just got to love those friendly npc’s you’re helping out.

Yep, they just love Thdoria.


The Day After

Today’s fragmented thoughts, in no particular order.

Theramore’s Fall: only because it’s still fresh in mind. 🙂  My preformance was well below even my own expectations. Beyond that, I do take general issue with the way so many players feel that they have to rush through content. Whatever happened to “enjoying” the content? Making clean, cooperative, team effort runs? Have players become so “leet,” that they just don’t care anymore?

XRealm populating: The one good thing here, is now seeing other players leveling through many of the previously desolate zones. Other than server time zone differences, not knowing what realm you’re playing on is questionable. Grouping, or being asked to group with, will give you an advisory pop-up. Basically it states that grouping with that person may cause you to change realms. Uhmm? Okay. But I’m already showing by the server time that I’m already on a different realm. I don’t find being popped about all these realms to be particulary comforting. Perhaps there should be an option available to remain on your home server. Just a thought, may not even be feasible.

Which leads us to…

Server Pride: Yes, I got some in my bags. I don’t see a lot of it otherwise. From my point of view, I am more likely to see players down rateing the server, and the general population. Obviously, that does nothing for the server or the population. The size of the population isn’t going to increase with all the negitive comments and actions. Neither will server pride.

Kind of a sub-section to server pride, I look towards guilds and their activities. ATM, Wow Progress is showing 81 ranked guilds on Fenris. And that’s just the PvE ranked guilds. I do a lot of reading around the WoW blogging community. I read about guilds holding various “events,” and often enough, there are guild sponsered server events. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any such events on my home server. Perhaps in it’s early beginnings, there were such things. I do think that a healthy dose of open guild activities would do wonders for the server. You want a better server? You want a more active and diverse population? Pay. It. Foward. Get off your backsides in Org.

Okay, I’ll get off my little soapbox. For now.

Healing: the baby healer, lvl 14, is still making efforts to learn her new trade. Her last battleground appearance was a slight improvement. And only because she started putting shields on any friendly in LoS! lol. Her key masher is still banging head on keyboard trying to use the standard raid frames and keybinds rather than click targeting the nameplates.

Aygaren is still poking about with farming stuffs and dabbeling with the AH.

Yes, the last one for that group!

lol, soloing himself to personal fame.

Dufit does lots of dailys now, intersparsed with battlegrounds, though mostly TB.

“Where is everyone?!?”

Thdoria; now lvl 81. Yay! finally got herself out of Dalaran and into Mt. Hyjal. The profession team project is coming along. Atm; Blacksmithing, Tailoring and Enchanting are level capped. Alchemy is very close with only 10 points to go. Jewelcrafting and Inscription are slightly above mid-level, waiting for their owners to character level.

Guild activity: Uhmm? We’ll get into that another time. In the meantime…

Watching the Goblins and Gnomes, lol

Okay, time to go read about other folks happy adventures.

Tanking: Dungeon Two

Deadmines loading screen

“Prior to the First War, the Deadmines were the greatest gold-production center in human lands. It is said the Deadmines’ gold deposits once accounted for a third of Stormwind’s treasure reserves. However…” ~from Wowpedia

Killona and Anesthetica qued up for Deadmines. Unlike our first attempt, there was no instant que for this tank/healer combo. We sat twideling our thumbs for almost seven minutes before getting zoned in.

The three dps were all from different servers, seems to be the norm for LFD. To our dismay though, two of the bosses were already down. Killona’s first thought: What the heck happened to the previous tank and healer? She soon decided that they must have dropped group. Several reasons became obvious as the rest of the run proceeded.

The dps crowd; a warrior, a hunter and a mage. As with their first dungeon attempt, Killona had difficulties with the warrior and hunter pulling aggro from the start of each fight, before she even reached the intended mob group. Are things so off, now that dps don’t understand that the tank needs to hit the group first?

At first, Killona attempted to pick up those mobs that ran past her, straight to the pulling dps. This became a fruitless task. She adopted the attitude: “fine. you pull, you’re on your own, hope you die.” To their benefit though, Anesthetica has a big heart and did’nt let them die. After finishing the main crowd, Killona would double back and pick up what she could. We finished the run with a few more aggravations, but no deaths.

Way back when it was first popular, I had the add-on Recount. Eventually, tired of it, and dumped it. About a month or so back, I installed it again. Mostly for personal referance with the new classes and specs I’m trying out. Last week I came across a couple of old blog posts floating around the internets. lol, I learned again not only how to read Recount, but how to read it from a tank’s perspective. It’s actually quite useful now. Maybe more on that another time.

As expected, Killona can out dps most any dps’er, including those with pets. Also, as expected, she does more damage. Unexpected though, Killona required considerably less healing than some dps. One example was the warrior. Third in dps rank, yet received the vast majority of heals. The mage; no real clue what (s)he was up to. Bringing up the rear I guess. And the hunter. Now, I do know a little bit about hunters, having a level capped PvP BM hunter who does venture into dungeons every so often. So let’s start here.

HUNTERS! Turn your pet’s “growl” ability off in dungeons. Do not send your pet with “charge” into the group ahead of the tank. Come on now hunters, we should all know these two simple things by now.

No, I’m not going into a rant now 🙂 Although, it really isn’t hard to pick up a few basics about playing your class and spec. It’s called: Google.

Okay then. At the end of it all there is a level 3 guild sitting around. Killona and Anesthetica (alts) are co-gm’s. The guild started out as just a place for us to keep all our alts, share materials, extra bank space and what-not. After talking it over with Anesthetica, I’ve decided to attempt recruiting lower level players into the guild in hopes of forming a steady dungeon group. People who can cooperate with each other, work as a team, and hopefully have some fun along the way. Nice people. If we’re ever going to get anywhere with doing dungeons, seems to me a steady guild group has considerably more advantages.

So, that’s about it for now. LOL!  “TIP: Take all things in moderation….”. Yep, I need to keep this in mind. :p

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