Snack and Play

Unless you’re really into keeping healthy and fit, you’re probably not much different than most other players and have a tendency to snack during game play. Or maybe just maybe, it’s more than just the occasional snack?

I would easily fall into that final suggestion. I always have a supply of snacks handy or close by to dip into during game play. It helps me think more clearly as I try to think ahead on how to handle groups of baddies who are eager to snack on me! :p

My own preferances lean towards smaller, individual items. Bits of chocolates, sandwich creme style cookies, individually wrapped pastries, etc.  My current obsession is a bowl of fresh jellybeans. The old classic ones.

I thought we’d take a quick poll on game time snacks. Nothing fancy or scientific, of coarse! It’s in the sidebar near the top and will be open for votes until the 30th. of the month. Let’s get a glimpse of how many snackers are out there, and maybe how many don’t indulge.

Happy adventuring all!

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