The Day After

Today’s fragmented thoughts, in no particular order.

Theramore’s Fall: only because it’s still fresh in mind. 🙂  My preformance was well below even my own expectations. Beyond that, I do take general issue with the way so many players feel that they have to rush through content. Whatever happened to “enjoying” the content? Making clean, cooperative, team effort runs? Have players become so “leet,” that they just don’t care anymore?

XRealm populating: The one good thing here, is now seeing other players leveling through many of the previously desolate zones. Other than server time zone differences, not knowing what realm you’re playing on is questionable. Grouping, or being asked to group with, will give you an advisory pop-up. Basically it states that grouping with that person may cause you to change realms. Uhmm? Okay. But I’m already showing by the server time that I’m already on a different realm. I don’t find being popped about all these realms to be particulary comforting. Perhaps there should be an option available to remain on your home server. Just a thought, may not even be feasible.

Which leads us to…

Server Pride: Yes, I got some in my bags. I don’t see a lot of it otherwise. From my point of view, I am more likely to see players down rateing the server, and the general population. Obviously, that does nothing for the server or the population. The size of the population isn’t going to increase with all the negitive comments and actions. Neither will server pride.

Kind of a sub-section to server pride, I look towards guilds and their activities. ATM, Wow Progress is showing 81 ranked guilds on Fenris. And that’s just the PvE ranked guilds. I do a lot of reading around the WoW blogging community. I read about guilds holding various “events,” and often enough, there are guild sponsered server events. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any such events on my home server. Perhaps in it’s early beginnings, there were such things. I do think that a healthy dose of open guild activities would do wonders for the server. You want a better server? You want a more active and diverse population? Pay. It. Foward. Get off your backsides in Org.

Okay, I’ll get off my little soapbox. For now.

Healing: the baby healer, lvl 14, is still making efforts to learn her new trade. Her last battleground appearance was a slight improvement. And only because she started putting shields on any friendly in LoS! lol. Her key masher is still banging head on keyboard trying to use the standard raid frames and keybinds rather than click targeting the nameplates.

Aygaren is still poking about with farming stuffs and dabbeling with the AH.

Yes, the last one for that group!

lol, soloing himself to personal fame.

Dufit does lots of dailys now, intersparsed with battlegrounds, though mostly TB.

“Where is everyone?!?”

Thdoria; now lvl 81. Yay! finally got herself out of Dalaran and into Mt. Hyjal. The profession team project is coming along. Atm; Blacksmithing, Tailoring and Enchanting are level capped. Alchemy is very close with only 10 points to go. Jewelcrafting and Inscription are slightly above mid-level, waiting for their owners to character level.

Guild activity: Uhmm? We’ll get into that another time. In the meantime…

Watching the Goblins and Gnomes, lol

Okay, time to go read about other folks happy adventures.

Theramore’s Fall and Dufit

So, I took a chance. Dufit does pvp, not a dungeon runner. He que’d for the Theramore Fall scenario when it first opened up. Eight minute wait for group, no real clue what he was supposed to do. Suffice it to say, things could have gone better for him.

Although Duf managed not to die during the run, he did run low on mana often. He had trouble keeping up with the rogue leader. “fast”, falls short of description here. Dufit’s two team mates where from another server, and obviously had que’d together. Should’nt have mattered, but it did. There was no talk. No “cover me”, no “do this or that”, no nothing.

No mistake here, and no QQ. Dufit was ill-prepared. Chasing after and trying to keep up, he managed to fall off the docks not once, but three times. Can he spell “noob?” lol. There was one minor exception to the no talk stuff. At one point someone said stand in the gray circles and you’ll be invisible. Dufit followed the healer in what appeared to be a gray, large, circle. The healer ran dead into 6 Theramore Marines, and the fight for survival was on. Fortunately, we survived.

Overall, it was quite the experience. I did’nt really like the event taking up so much screen space near my bars with the “stage announcements” and such. And I really should have been better prepared. I guess the excitement overcame better judgement 🙂

Um? Dufit’s box was empty.

Alliance gets a pet, Horde gets a bomb toy.

I gather the scenario is suppossed to take about 15 minutes to run. Dufit’s group took about 30 minutes. So, I guess the run time is pretty much group dependant. I will offer up one piece of advice here though. Pre-group with people you know. Oh, and take a minute to read about the event first. LOL! Don’t be a Dufit.

somehow managed this, lol!


UI: unit/raid frame addons

It’s been quite a day in Azeroth, both interesting and challenging. Having briefly mentioned in previous posts about having several projects going on, today was one of those “work-on-UI” days.

Up until the past couple of weeks, I’ve had my UI pretty well established. All neat and pretty-like, comfortable to work with and useful across all characters. Keybinds were stable, only adjustments of which spells went on which key was needed in the beginning. I had this “Default” profile on most things that everyone used. Pretty simple. Right?

I’ve used Pitbull4 unit frames forever it seems like. One rule I go by, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Then I got into learning serious tanking with Killona. Started to notice some small changes were needed, nothing too serious, just little things popping up now and then.

Then, I decided (perhaps foolishly), to attempt learning the Healing trade. Now, we have some serious problems with unit frames. My baby healer needed something more suitable, more useful, to figure out what she’s doing.

Luckily, somewhere along the line in the past, I had installed this Addon Control Panel mod. It is certainly getting it’s workout time in now!

“ACP”, an in-game time saver!

I started with an old favorite, Grid. Still trying to get the configurations figured out so far. It’s a contender for Pitbull replacement, but questionable.

Then I gave HealBot a look over. I’m getting a bit further along with it than I did with Grid. I credit the HealBot website for the progress I’ve made so far. They have some good info available on set-ups, including some videos.

Part way through config

Neither of these unit frame mods have been on trial runs as yet. It looks like Healbot will get the first opportunity. My baby healer is level 14 atm. She chose to start her healing practice in battlegrounds today, using the stock raid frames. That’s a story for another time though. Tomorrow, we’ll be back to touching up the Healbot, and giving it a trial run.

If you happen to be a Healer with some insight about these unit frames, feel free to add them to your comments.

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