Dufit and the Sha

YAY! Dufit finally got to try his first Sha of Anger fight this afternoon.

Most of the group seemed fairly experienced with the fight, so things went pretty good near as I could tell. To Dufits’ credit….he DID’NT DIE! Not even once. It fact, he managed to avoid most all the bad stuffs, adds and such. What did find him got VT’d quickly while he moved well away, lol. Only once did he have to take a moment to burn down one persistant add.

It was very hectic to say the least, and I had a bit of lag going on. But all in all, it was a great experience I really enjoyed doing.

Sorry about not having more screenies of the fight itself. Being my first really big fight it was a little hectic, lol. But here’s a couple I did manage, along with some happy rewards! (pst….sorry about all the line-outs as well. I did not know any of these people in the group, or if they would approve)

okay, going good

okay, going good

Oops, not so good

Oops, not so good

Um? It's a little warm in here.

Um? It’s a little warm in here.

AhHa! We did it!

AhHa! We did it!

Okay, a little gold never hurts

Okay, a little gold never hurts

Yay! new boots for Dufit

Yay! new boots for Dufit

And a great new belt!!!

And a great new belt!!!

So, Dufit enjoyed this afternoon’s adventure. Got some really good loot for a change. Although he didn’t die, he does need to work on his dps a bit. LOL! I think everybody except a few healers did better.

Just a tad low, even for Dufit

Just a tad low, even for Dufit

Hey all, thanks for coming by. Hope you enjoyed the pics.








Dufit’s Time-Out


A kinda-sorta unexpected maintenance this morning 😦

With at least two hours waiting time, Dufit has decided to share a few more thoughts about his adventures in Pandaria. That is, if the curiousity of comparing beaks subsides for a few moments.

Mine is bigger. No, Mine Is!

During our last visit with Dufit, he parted with the remark about fighting through those “loot-stealin’-scum-alliance” peeps. And, there have been some tedious moments with this issue along with some lol moments. Here’s a couple of shots for clarification:

Need a Tiger?

“I NEED a Wolf people!!!

Sheeze! Save a couple for me.

Doing dailys for the Golden Lotus, Klaxxi, or just about anyone else reminds Dufit of stories handed down from one of Aygaren’s old and wise Alliance friend. He’s a dusty old BM Hunter from an all out PvP realm. Stories from times long past referred to as the times of BC, Wrath and the warring Firelands. Back then, killing monsters meant watching your back for the “enemy” as well. The old hunter referred to those times as “bloody gankfests.” Such things as corpse and graveyard camping were quite common. Survival. Not only the key word every day, but a way of life all together.

Now then, Dufit has some comprehension of the on-going war against the Alliance. His tour of duty has taken him to numerous battlegrounds and fronts. But he sees his current world as a bit out of kilter. Most of these Pandarian factions hire him to kill things. No problem there. Most of the things he needs to kill have, shall we say, obstacles, in the way. Things that usually require killing before you get to your main targets your getting paid for. Okay, no problem there.

The problems start while removing the “obstacles.” Those alliance scum sneak in and steal the target stuff he needs to get paid while he’s stuck removing said obstacles. The old hunters advice was to go ahead and kill the thief as well. They deserved to die. Dufit’s problem? There seems to be some sort of backdoor agreement amidst the faction leaders that states he cannot attack an enemy thief unless they agree to do battle first. And of coarse, none of the thieves seem to be willing to fight. Oh well, those politicians sitting in their comfy capital thrones have strange ways for sure.

Dufit’s thoughts here seem simple enough. If you’re going to practice “loot-stealing,” which is what it comes down to, then at least have the guts to fight for it. “Carry your battleflag fools!” LOL! It’s not going to happen, but a Goblin can have a dream. Personally, I think the Goblin needs to be more devious about this. Maybe some suicide pulls? Aggro everything in sight on top of the thieves? Might work!

On the lighter side, his two new best friends over at Halfhill have generously provided him with a cat named Luna, and some sheep! The farm is very productive and becoming quite well known with the Tillers Union.


Luna the cat

Okay? Thinking of some names now?

Those panda folks often ask you to tell them a story, they love stories. And if you take the time, many of them will tell you some stories as well.

Tell me a story.

Okay, back to the drawing board. Maybe Uncle Gus can shed some light on things.

Tell me a story Uncle Gus.

Soooooooo, how are you spending your Friday time-out?

Dufit’s World, pt.1

Dufit finds himself with a break away from Pandaria today. Approximately two hours worth, lol! As good a time as any to start journaling some of his experiances and thoughts.

Valor Tokens: It’s turned out to be a real advantage. As you know, us Goblins like to take advantage of anything towards profit of any sort. I was counting the tokens in my coin pouch the other day since I knew I was getting close to that new pair of Klaxxi pants. But then I also noticed a little red note attached.

Should have been paying attention.

Oops! No more tokens this week 😦  Having never really paid any attention to them other than grabbing up as many as possible, I never realized there was a weekly limit. I got to figureing out just how much of a loss I’d been taking over the past few weeks. I lost 45 that day of discovery. Approximated I’d been losing something like 200 a week before that. So much for snatching up that ton of dailys. I now have a good reason to break away and let Aygaren and Thdoria have their time.

The Angler’s

The Angler’s: Nice folks out there, good fishing buddies. I’ve killed and collected enough stuffs for them so that now they offer me some pretty fancy things…..for a small price of coarse. Hmmm, folks after my own heart. Although I can easily afford it, parting with some 4k gold for their water strider mount needs further consideration. The personal raft might be nice, although levitation works just fine most everywhere. And good ‘ol Nat? He’s become rather stingy with his favors since coming to Pandaria. I may be subjected to use force. Finding those rare fish is rather time consuming and “Time is Money!” friend. And, speaking of Time…

The Golden Lotus, The Klaxxi and the Shado_Pan folks are absolute slave drivers! Work, work and more work….kill, kill and more kill. What is it about Pandaria anyway? Everybody seems to demand so much time and effort. Us Goblins are into making a quick gold here and there. Don’t these folks realize that they’re not going to make any profit by demanding so much effort to open their purses? Sheeze!

Tiller rep standings

The Tillers: Love them. Just Love Them! Now here’s some folks that’ll keep you busy, but the rewards are steady incoming and quite profitable. They’re even very appreciative and offer many gifts along the way.

My first best friend not only helps out on farm, she installed a mailbox as well!

Likes to come pass out in the pond every so often, but gives good crop forcasts.

Then there’s dog, and….

Shaggy, and….

Miss Fifi.

Farm house makeover from Tina!

Oh, I did mention Aygaren and Thdoria earlier, so guess I’ve got a few words about them as well. Now don’t get me wrong here, Aygaren’s been like a Dad to me over the years. But he is getting a bit slow in his old age. I hear he turned to the practice of Retribution for Pandaria, says Protection just wasn’t working out so well. I also hear he’s been spending a considerable amount of time just digging up artifacts, and making sure he looks good in the process.

All he needs now is the pants, and the Sunsong set will be complete!

Her entrance into Pandaria did not start out well, she fell off the gunship!

Then there’s Thdoria. Ahhhh, a Blood Elf after my own heart, she is learning and blazing through Pandaria with Shadow magic. But of coarse, she spends an inane amount of time just picking flowers. Both have discovered Halfhill and opened up their own farms. This is good since I’ll be able to stop planting and sending them profession materials in the near future…..I hope. Along with magical buff food. Sheeze! They go through the stuff like there’s an unending supply. I only got so much time to spare you know. It is nice of them though to send me the stray cloth they loot.

“I NEED a Wolf people!!!

That’s about it for now. I have to go fight through some Alliance scum-stealing looters to make my quota of valor tokens. ~Dufit

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