A Good Morning

Things have been a bit slow for Ay, until this morning. The day started out with:

Yes, finally!

With that darn bird off Ay’s mind now, he moved on to his other preoccupations. As much as he mines in Uldum, nothing has ever showed. Again, this morning proved a bit different.

Cyrus the Black, the first rare to show for Ay

Then it was off to Deepholm for Aeonaxx, who did not show again. But this one ‘wormed’ into view:

No rest for the bounty hunter. It was off to the Storm Peaks for some time to hunt the infamous TLPD. No such luck though, so back to Uldum after some archaeology.

Ay was quite surprised to come across yet another sought after trophy:

Ever since Cata appeared on the scene, none of the kids has ever had any luck with the Mysterious Camel thingy, including Ay. Until right after the above kill:

It’s okay, at least the ice is broken now!


Hope you’re morning has been as good to you!



PvP Prot Pally


PvP bound

Every so often there comes around those seemingly age old questions about our characters in the game. Are they extensions of the player? Do they have their own distinct personalities? I suppose to a point that it is probably a mix of both. At least, my random thoughts at the moment.

To clarify myself here; there’s Aygaren, and then there’s me. My official titles include, although not limited to: Counsultant to Aygaren, Tactical Operations Officer and Supply Officer.  In short, Aygaren chooses the roads to travel—–and I push the buttons. Hopefully, Aygaren sees his way to oblige. Although he’s generally cooperative, there are those times when he stubbornly goes his own way or feels a different offensive move is better in his judgement. And, is quite vocal in his choices.

Example: Aygaren chose at a young age to train as a protection paladin. As his counsultant, I advised him the better route would be strings of dungeons, instances, raids, etc. and so on. Aygaren promptly went off and solo’ed every dungeon and instance on Kalimdor, the Eastern Kingdoms, Outland and half of Northrend. His parting comments afterwards were along the lines of not needing groups to accomplish what he could do himself. To which I replied, “You can’t do raids on your own.” He grumbled something or other, so I suggested he try out his retribution abilities.

That lasted for all of about 10 days and nights, then he was back to his comfortable protection ways.

Ay has recently decided, due to his unquenchable thirst for bashing heads in, to follow that grand road of battlegrounds and areana’s. He has temporarily dismissed his counsultant and given his supply officer a rather long shopping list. Last I saw of him, he was huddled in a dark corner with his tactical officer.

Good to meet you!


Nothing like a screen shot to start things off.

As you can tell from the pic, this is a blog about a World of Warcraft Tauren. Although level capped, Ay is still wandering Azeroth and beyond. Roads yet traveled, adventures yet to experience, still call for his attention. His joy over successes, dismay over failures, occasional corpse-runs and everything else tucked in for padding will cross future pages here.

Some you will enjoy, hopefully. Some, you may not. Either way, I am glad you stopped by for a visit!

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