Weeks’ End

Ay has been sorta-kinda looking forward to this weekend’s game play. The thoughts are to do a string of battlegrounds with his darling orphan child. Not too sure how well that will go. But I guess the kid should know that the world is at war more times than not. It’s a learning thing.

This past week, Ay has been running around familar dungeons. He already has the Classic and Outland Dungeonmaster achievements, along with about half of Northrend. For some odd reason though, he decided to back up a few steps and re-do some in heroic style and now has a healthy completion list going on.

Along the way, he’s gathered up quite a selection of shields, many of which he now keeps for transmogrification use. Some, he can’t even remember where they came from! This one really caught his eye though, so it is the current mogging endeavor.

The ring of colors actually swirl around!

I hear that Ay is considering building a “look” around this shield. That should prove very interesting, and probably quite a project I’m sure.

Of coarse, he just could’nt be satisfied with just a new shield look. Having a bunch of honor points burning a hole in his coin pouch, he headed off for some shopping. The result of that trip was a new mace. Quite deadly and right up his alley.

Ruthless Gladiator’s Bonecracker

Now, don’t they just go together well?

The mace was a really good upgrade for Ay, so he’s happy for now. At least until he fills his coin pouch again. So, it’s a battleground weekend ahead. Most, he’s never been in before. Oh well, maybe the orphan child can teach him a thing or two. Like, “incoming!—Duck!”


The Road to Tol Barad

Ay’s prolonged complusive mind-set with the Netherwing faction has extracted it’s payment due. The point has arrived where not even the sudden appearance of a dozen eggs captures his attention. It’s just another day of attempting to satisfy those demanding drakes.

After the morning roundup of lazy peons, ore gathering and killing relic stealing dragonmaw. Poisoning the work crews, cleaning out the mine of all life forms and long flights to Nagrand, he’s had enough.

The time had come. He must return to the battlefront. To smash heads left and right. To furiously throw his shield into crowds of enemy Alliance. The scent of blood was strong. The desire to spill that blood, even stronger.

Journey to Tol Barad. Battle status, defense.

Tol Barad Map, Blizzard Entertainment

It started out as a small group of defenders, five, including Ay. A quick self-briefing of the courageous souls who ventured in with Ay looked fairly good. Ay did spot one name though which a compatriot had labeled as a possible curse in their TB battles. Mental note to self: be aware of who’s got my back. As luck would have it, the questionable one happened to be a healer. Okay, we’re off and running.

Quite naturally and fully expected, the alliance team entered and immediately tried to storm ICC. Three of us were there waiting. (our ‘healer’ and another had gone to Slags) It was a decent, albeit short, skirmish for control. We sent them off for a graveyard break and brief opportunity to rethink their options.

They appeared to split up after their graveyard break, a couple off to Slags for reinforcement and one to WV. One of Ay’s group set out on a call for help, Ay and a shaman stayed put to hold ICC. Things seemed to be well in control, with minor exception. The shaman and Ay had worked the earlier skirmish quite well together, so a comfortable atmosphere set in. Running back and forth, jumping about, dancing. Ay even set up a campfire.

Suddenly, the battle groups started to grow. We were now a good dozen strong. Ay and the shaman were joined by a newly added healer. The three of us now holding down ICC. Slags and WV changed hands a couple of times, briefly, the alliance just could’nt seem to maintain control. Every so often a group would head towards us. I guess the their thoughts were, “there’s only three of them there.”  Four, five or six, the shaman and Ay sent them packing to lick their wounds. Our healer was just, that good. Even under fire, she (by name), kept herself alive and healing during each skirmish. Just that damn good.

With the alliance not making any real headway, they decided to take out the towers. The only real successes they were able to enjoy. At least for some time. The battle continued. Ay, the shaman and much appreciated healer found themselves the focus of a major attack. Six, maybe seven allys stormed into ICC. Guess they thought if they could’nt take anything else, they should be able to overcome just the three of us. Although Ay and the shaman held their ground, they had more bodies and control was slipping away. Reinforcements began to arrive. The battle was fierce, lots of bloodshed. Mostly alliance blood.

Raid chat was beginning to roll by as fast as the damage/healing numbers were flying by. Good natured laughter and such. “LOL, they could’nt take anything else so they came after you two!”  Finally, Ay bit the dust. Somebody said, “don’t worry about it, took five of them to kill you.” Ay whispered a thank you to his healer. Knowing within that he could not have done all that he did without her watching his back.

It was a long battle. But it was just what Ay needed this day. Oh yeah. That original mental note about the questionable healer person. At one point during that last stand in ICC, two lines came across raid channel. “I’m alone at WV!” “I’ve left WV.” Ay silently thought, it’s okay bub. The battle’s over, we won.

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