That Moggin’ Crew

Yep, those moggin’ folks are up to it again!

I’ve been sorta-kinda following their posts and such for some time, even though I don’t indulge as yet. It does seem like a lot of fun and some of the end results I’ve seen are really quite fantastic looking outfits! Maybe some day I’ll give it a go around, but in the meantime you should head on over to the lastest competition headquarters and check things out for yourself. The contest is called Transmogolympics, at ArcaneWordSmith.  You can also catch some more buzz about it over at Tomb’s place.  Don’t procrastinate now, it’s going to be very interesting indeed.

I came across a little link for sigs in my reading so thought I’d give it a try-out. It came from a place called  Apparently though, I could only make one with up to five characters. Rather nice results though.

result from

Above is most of the crew from the Fenris home. Unfortunately, Kanara and Bazzel didn’t make the photo shoot. I like the little circle thingies with how they actually looked up-to-date.  Hopefully, all the rest from the ‘other’ servers won’t see this post or I’ll have a real problem on my hands. lol

Quite some time back, Aygaren had dug up Queen Azshara’s Dressing Gown.  Thdoria was quite young at the time, but has finally grown into the gown. She now has 4 “fave-outfits” she’s saving for various occasions.

Queen Azshara’s Dressing Gown

Ay’s got a few other goodies laying around from his archaeology efforts, although it don’t look like anyone will be able to use them in the near future.  Speaking of archaeology…..Thdoria is the alchemist for the group. You know what’s in her future, 🙂 She did procrastinate a bit though and only just started her own archy endeavors. Fortunately, she has plenty of time before she can head into Uldum, lol.

To cap things off—everyone is under strick orders to fulfill their fishing and cooking dailys. Along with sending raw mats to whoever needs them. Ay and Dufit also have the added responsibilities of saving up any and all volitiles. And of coarse, everyone fulfilled their requirement to visit the Darkmoon Faire for the extra profession skill points. ROFL!  hahaha, their feeling the pressure.

Have fun everone, and don’t forget those extra skill points from DMF!





🙂 More or less. Taking a short break for some un-expected pizza arrival.

Ay has been semi-busy this morning. A few Firelands dailys just for the fun of it, and some archaeology digging in Uldum. Kind of works out with the mining and camel hunting there. Those camel thingies are really small, hard to see for me. Even with NPCScan going off, it’s still a bit of a hunt, lol.  One thing I did do to help though. A little suggestion from WoW Rare Spawns if I remember correctly. Turn on Friendly names and units in your interface. I happen to use Tidy Plates for nameplates as well. This way, those little camels wind up with great big nameplates above them! Mawhahaha! Gottcha!!!

They are tiny!

Even from a distance, I can spot their nameplates much easier now.

Archaeology: Ay has been picking and poking at it, with several rare finds in the works. Uldum was being kinda sparse though and not giving up much until today. Five, count them, FIVE digsites! Enough to just about finish off the rare piece he’d been digging up for several weeks now.

Now then, dummie me not being able to remember things often enough, thought I was working on a fancy staff of sorts. After all, it did begin with “Scepter” in it’s name. LOL! Imagine my surprise when I added one of those rune sticks to finish the find, and this is what I came into:

OMG! It’s a mount!

The shock was like……..well, it was a good kind of shock.

In other news. Thdoria turned 30 yesterday, and is doing quite well for herself.

As she is…

…and in Shadow form.

Yeppers, she’s moving right along now and looking promising. About time to try some dungeons out.

Now, if I could only catch up on my reading. Having those few days away really backed up on me, lol.

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