Rainy Maintenance

It’s another damp, chilly rainy day around here. The kind that has a tendency to make bones ache and creak a bit, lol. It also happens to be a maintenance day, and combined with some rl stuffs that translates into a very limited game play window later this evening.

I pretty much like maintenance days, they provide opportunities for me to get into some in-depth blog reading, research of whatever’s got my attention and a host of incidentals. I go over “plans” I’ve made for various characters’ activities and generally attempt to get myself (organized?). Major challenge there!

Slightly serious though, with the vast amount of content offered and three level 90’s scurrying about soaking up as much as possible, we do need a better “Plan A”. We’ve got plenty of B’s, C’s and D’s in operation 🙂 Anyway, it’s something we’ve been working on this past week. Time, is a valuable commodity and we need to use it well.

Hence, no more running all three through a slew of dailys, everyday, for the sake of valor points. After all three have cared for their farms and gained their Ironpaw token for the day, one will get the call for a dailys run and they’ll switch off each day. This will leave time for one or both of the others to work on different projects. For example, Thdoria is the least geared of the three. On her off days from dailys, she could be venturing into some dungeons. Scary, but more effective I should think. Ay could really spend some more time farming his much needed ore stocks. Dufit could at least learn how to not get “chomp-chomp-chomped.” After all, he spent 1600g getting that invitation.

And of coarse, we’ve got the whole profession things going on. Blacksmithing, Alchemy, Tailoring and Enchanting are all skill capped. It’s high time to start making some money off of them, for all the efforts and money put into getting them there. And I happen to know a few alts sitting around gathering dust who could use a little helping hand.

Now then, I’m not very gold making knowledgeable, or an AH player. I know enough to use the Undermine Journal, and I do follow a few select gold making blogs. My AH history has been marginally good because of this, and a handful of luck tossed in. I do realize though, that this is a viable part of the game that provides some nice rewards. So along with some encouragement from blog readings, we’re going to venture into some attempts to fill our coin sacks to a “comfortable” level.

Our first inspirational steps came to us by way of reading Nev’s “20 Days of Goldmaking”. Formally considered useless for us, we’ve now installed Auctionator and LilSparky’s Workshop. It’s kind of like wiggleing your fingers in the bath water for a temp check before you climb in. Hopefully, our limited game play time this evening will allow us to get them configured.

I certainly don’t expect to compete with the real gold-makers of Fenris, but I do have my sights set on becoming “comfortably wealthy.”  Lol, I’ll let you know how much that is when I get there!!!

Yeah, I Went There

I seldom write anything personal. This is one of those rare moments.

A long, loooong time back, during an in-game conversation I had mentioned about posting some some pics here. As the RNG goes, I did’nt get to doing it for this reason and then that reason, such a slacker sometimes 🙂

It has been so long since that first chat that things have undergone some serious change. Lol, the following pics will serve as the timeline.



Meet my friend, Brutus Diesel. He’d been watching the rain falling and got a little sleepy-eyed. Although my friend, his “owner” is my niece. Her and hubbys’ nickname for him is Bully. Being a somewhat minimalist myself, I just call him “Bulldog.” Bulldog is a Victorian. A very lovable breed, extreamly easy going most of the time (when not on a stubborn streak), and believes he’s human. Pushing 85 pounds or so, he’s out-grown the puppy lap dog ability. But someone forgot to tell him and he still believes in utilizing that ability to it’s fullest potential.

Bulldog comes from a long line of pedigreed and notable ancestors. So darling niece and hubby decided one day he needed a girlfriend. Along came Bella. Also Victorian, but the sembelance stops there. Quite the dominate female, she’s more of a nip/bite first and ask questions later sort. Bulldog was taught to “not hurt the baby.” And no matter what she did to him over time, he still won’t defend himself when they occasionally argue.

Bulldog and Bella

Bulldog and Bella

They grew into quite a pair though, always doing and getting into things together. As opposite as they were in temperment, they managed to meld it together becoming a force/team to be reckoned with.

Bella came into her first heat cycle. Bulldog was a year and a half virgin as well. His curiousity and instincts heightened. It was quite harlarious at first, her being so much smaller. But determination and certain people’s lack of paying attention led to the inevitable. What was two…..is now eight.









Miss Piggy-female

Miss Piggy-female



*all pics were after feeding time…sleepy kids 🙂

**and I had nothing to do with all those names 😀

At the time of this writing, the Bulldog crew is some two weeks of age. Eyes are beginning to open and they have discovered “mobility.” All wobblely, like Bambi style, but none the less effective. Escape from the kennel/cage carrier is on the rise. Despite her youth, Bella has turned out to be quite the “Mom.” Her attitude has undergone some adjustments to the better, and all seems quite well. As for Bulldog and I, we just sit and watch all the melee and confusion in progress, lol! He is definately not sure what to think about all these furry things moving about.

(my apology if pics seem grain-ie. they were taken on one of those fancy phone things)

A (not) So Typical Weekend

Part 1–

Friday morning: The crew and I started our day with several hours of viewing youtube videos. This journey stemmed from our morning reading session. We happened to be purusing WowInsider’s Reader UI of the Week. It’s a great place to get some visual ideas for UI’s, kind of like a brainstorming bin of sorts. What’s also nice about it is that the UI creator lists all the addon’s they’re using.

In the comments section, some kind person was answering another commenters’ question about the Weak Auras addon, and suggested they go to youtube for some tutorials. Wait! I have a youtube account. Why not browse around and see what I can dig up? Off we went, me and the crew.

In our searches, we came across one “Touchymcfeel.” (site link) Low and behold, he had a series of UI addon videos for a priest. There are others, but the priest one grabbed our attention. This is the link for the priest videos we went through.

It is quite true that most of the addons I have in use are pretty much in their “out-of-the-box” state. Minor adjustments for size and positioning aside, they’re mostly game ready. What this really means though, is that I’m not getting full use of all the possibilities these addons possess. Granted, there is usually more than what I really need, so I found this series of videos both interesting and informative. Integrating all these addons into a productive, effective and interesting UI is another challenge one faces. Overall, I found all the videos, even those slightly outdated, to be very helpful.

Friday afternoon: We spent some time with Thdoria, our brave test subject. I must say, she’s been wonderful risking life and limb in shabbily thrown together armor and braving the world at war to test out our whims. Of coarse, this was after all three adventurers had taken care to harvest and replant their farms, and, made their obligatory visits to the Greenstone Quarry. (Ay has decreed his desire to possess that mining pick, at any costs)

During the testing portion of the afternoon, several bars found they’re way to the far side of the playing field, and duely marked “hidden.” lol! They only show on mouse-over. Ah, the clutter is getting an overhaul 🙂 For someone who just -has to have- everything available somewhere on some bar, this is turning out to be very interesting.

“Good fortune to our friends!”

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