I usually get all my “quickie news” from MMO Champion. Surely by now, most folks have already gone through the 5.2 patch notes and updates. I’m sure that quite a handful are into the PTR as well. All is good on the Azerothian front.

I must also confess to being dependant upon many of the more experianced player/bloggers, who have a wonderful way of bringing information down to a more earthly level of comprehension. This to, is good.

Back to the 5.2 stuffs. As many others, I’m really looking forward to all the new content coming our way. My only regrets atm, are that I don’t feel I’ve experieanced as much of the current content as I would have liked to. Rest assured, much of that is due to my own particular brand of playstyle. One which is constantly changing and hopefully growing. Okay, it’s a mess. I bounce from one thing to another on a simple whim or sparkley that catches my eye. LOL, no real plan!

Some of the things I’m looking forward to include “buying my farm.” Don’t know about the costs yet, but with three (3) full sized farms harvesting and planting daily this looks like a good investment. Incoming orders from various factions? Sounds great! As long as they pay in cash and not lesser charms. I’ve got boat-loads of them stored up. Kidding aside, I love the farm(s) and my three pioneers will become owners in a heartbeat.

Other changes coming include the ever-so-popular Pet Battlers. Okay, this one don’t affect me personally, I’ve managed to avoid this quite well. It is notable though in that several of my blog aquaintances are deep into them and with quite a bit of success. Since I do follow their progress and stories, I’m quite happy they’re getting some new stuffs.

New quest hub, new factions, new raid/bosses to down!! Though I’ve yet to enter the raid scene, which would probably be LFR for me if I do, I am excited about all this and read/watch all that I can about it. Admittedly, I did slightly cringe at the thought of grinding out yet another faction rep. But I, (Dufit), has done it so well at faction grinding since MOP launch, it probably won’t hurt all that much. Right?

Faction tagging on World Bosses: A big improvement I think. Even on a PvE server, I’ve seen some of these world bosses instigate some world PvP. The faction tagging aspect probably won’t make any difference there, but I think more players will be willing to jump into a fight in progress knowing they’ll have a chance at some loot. I do hope though, that there is some sort of ‘check’ system involved so folks can’t realize any gain by jumping in 10 seconds before the kill. But, being able to tag a boss before the enemy faction does, even though a full group isn’t quite ready? Could be interesting to see how it all plays out.

And of coarse, there’s going to be the usual round of class changes to be had. These sorts of things don’t phase me out. Take them in stride, work with what you got/get. There is certainly plenty of experienced bloggers out there to help you over the hump. All it takes is a few minutes of your time and Google Search. And you’ll save yourself a lot of “/2 garbage handleing.” So when those buff and nerf bats start swinging, “Slow Down!”, it’s still a game and only minorly annoying pixel deaths.

“May your feet find good paths.”

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  1. Roneebean
    Jan 07, 2013 @ 21:39:24

    Farmer Yoon isn’t too much of a help but he is no hinderance either. Unless there is a strong reason to buy him out i will be keeping him down on the farm for our daily crop chat. Now if only we could eradicate those thieving vrmin!

    • aygaren
      Jan 07, 2013 @ 22:12:32

      No doubt, “Yoonie” has and continues to be a friend. I certainly hope he stays around. Expanding the “farm” business we’ve spent a great deal of time developing though is well worth considering, at least for me. So I hope Farmer Yoon will understand.

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