Word of the Day: Random-ness

Random-ness: it’s been a bit of a chore lately to remain focused on any one thing. Can’t really pinpoint any one reason although the onslaught of dailys required to push three of the crew to level 90 may have to assume a chunck of accountability. Yes, number three (Thdoria), reached 90 yesterday.

You know about those rare occasions where your comp will suddenly decide to do a memory dump? So I got to thinking that if I dump some of this random-ness somewhere, things will naturally slide back into focus. Could work, maybe? Anyway, that’s the meat of todays’ post. lol, you stand fore-warned!

Rep Grinds

Rep Grinds

Dufit was so happy to finally finish off the Golden Celestials and Shado-Pan rep grinds. He really thought he was done with dailys now, unless he chose to pad his Valor point holdings. Oops, wait a sec….there’s one more kinda hidden rep to be had, Huojin Pandaren. Sheeze! Go buy a tabard and run some dungeons. All this just to possess a kite. In the meantime, he’s been wading his way through the Domination Point battle zone, usually flagged. Such a blood-thirsty goblin when it comes to Alliance. Not much fighting though. Easy base/tower captures since Alliance apparently prefers not to fight. The story lines have been very interesting though, as dislike and distrust of Hellscream is on a steady rise with several horde factions. No spoilers here folks. Go do the dailys and story quests as they come. Even if you don’t pvp, the dailys are relatively easy and you’re getting a lot of background for what’s to come.

I’ve attempted to raise several baby healers of assorted backgrounds. None have gone past lvl 15. Now, I’m certainly not one of the better players around, but I have managed going from spellcasters and ranged dps to somewhat moderate success on with melee. That only leaves the healing spec left to try and attain some level of success at.

Got to thinking this morning, hey, I’ve got two level 90 shadow priests without an off-spec. Although I’ve been there before, I went back to Icy Veins to refresh myself over disc priesting. Holy swirling mists soups! There’s just bunches of things to learn how to manage as a healer. Am I really thinking straight in suddenly popping a lvl 90 into the spec? Or should I go back to attempting to raise one from a baby? IDK! Let me know what you think, especially if you’re a healer. 🙂

Dufit needs to make a set of gear for Thdoria. Her quest gear just is not cutting the scene. Aygaren is doing much better at staying alive since his visit to Mr. Robot. If he gets his valor points up and some better gear, he just might be a ret pally to deal with.

Other than those minor details, I’m looking at an overhaul of my UI. It’s been useful for some time and I’m not really unhappy with it as is. I’m just looking at some improvements with different add-on’s to use, and re-positioning. My UI has slowly developed over some seven years. The current set-up has been in place since early Wrath. Maybe it’s just time for a change of sceneary. I would like to get some auras in play and perhaps move my rotation buttons to a more useful real estate area. It’s a slow moving project, I’m being very picky about what to do and when.

That’s about it for now. The crew is doing well, well, most of them are doing well. lol It may be awhile yet before some of them see any progress.


Watching the fight

Watching the fight

Oh, and from a safe distance, Dufit watched a group fight the Sha of Anger. He’s been tempted to attempt the fight. Very interesting fight. The Sha killed many people, several times over. Guess Dufit better make sure his standing with the repair folks don’t fall apart.

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