Dufit’s World, pt.2


YES! After a bit of final Dark Soil farming last night, Dufit has managed to gain everyones’ friendship. Some of his last gifts included an orange tree, sheep, pigs and chickens. Everyone is doing well and the farm is producing fantastic crops daily.

Dog seems to enjoy all the new company.

Maybe 5 or 6 wandering about the farm.

Then there was this seemingly valuable gift of a Red Cricket, or so he thought. Dufits’ advisors over at the Undermine Journal suggested (several days ago) that the Cricket was worth an average of 10k across the board and around 8k in his world. At the time, there were two other offers up for bid hanging between 5 and 7k. Poor Dufit got no buyers on his 5.3k flat buy-out listing. 😦  I guess the probability of learning this pet and it turning out to be common instead of rare has made buyers skeptical.

Worth anything?

In the meantime, continuing serveitude for various factions are, well, continuing. 🙂 He’s reached revered status with the Golden Lotus, Klaxxi and Shado-Pan. Through some over-sight or crossed communications breech though, he is sorely lacking viable friendship with the August Celestrials. Upon discovery of this though, Dufit went into overdrive and managed to cover the “nobody-to-friendly” state of affairs in one swift round. He cannot be deceived though. He knows full well that they’ve got a long road to travel. His only stumbleing stone so far is his hesitation to enter the challengers ring at the Temple of the White Tiger. Hopefully, it’ll pass soon.

It’s been a good thing to be able to select some new enchanting and tailoring abilities, even thought the materials needed for some things are rather ‘hard-to-come-by’. The work ahead though sure makes those gold coins in his money bag a bit more shiney. If he wasn’t so attached to his coin bag, he could easily buy the next guild bank slot and barely feel the difference. So far though, he’s not parting with his coin without a fight. LOL!

Certainly not much to choose from.

We are given to understand that entry into the Brawlers’ Guild is by invitation only, through the Black Market AH purchase of an invitation or from a standing member within. Dufit hasn’t been to the Black Market AH lately. His last two visits provided only two items each time. Rather common items at outrageous prices! He wasn’t sure about the mail armored boots, but they didn’t appeal to him anyway. Anyway, time will tell. Maybe the BMAH will gain some stock to sell. Maybe he’ll get lucky with an invite. Unless the coin is in the bag, it’s all “maybe’s”.

Okay, time to go kill and gather more stuffs for everybody’s attention. Sheeze! Gotta pay them to favor a goblin.

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