Pet Battle Rankings?

Now admittedly, the horde crew has avoided the Pet Battle scene…so far. There’s just way so many other things keeping them occupied, the thought of adding pet battles seems a bit much!

I do follow the battle adventures of several fellow bloggers though. It would seem that some have found this aspect of the game to be quite addictive. So when I came across this WoWProgress Pet Battle Ranking thing, curiousity got the best of me. I started the search for any familar names. The previous link to wowprogress is for the World Rankings!!! Here is the link for US rankings.

On the World rankings list, lo and behold I did come across a familar name…

Pretty darn good for a World Rank!

When I went to double check that I had found the right person, her ranking had gone up to 1319. Grats to Cymre!


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  1. tomeoftheancient
    Nov 02, 2012 @ 08:25:32

    Oh no! I did not need to see this, now I’m going to obsess even more about leveling all those pets. There are two ahead of me on Fenris, I’ll have to boot them out, lol.

  2. Cymre
    Nov 01, 2012 @ 11:49:46

    Oh wow, thx for the spotlight 😀

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