The Farm and The Old Dog

Expanding the Farm

This morning, Dufit became revered with the Tillers and was able to clear out some more farmland. Earlier in the week he discovered quite by accident, that he could install an irrigation system! Since there are now more crops to tend, he added this sonic type of pest control system. Special thanks to the lovely lady shown here:

Best Friend!

Dufit now has his own mailbox located by the roadside! It may take some time to earn that last little plot of land, but he’s found it a quite pleasureable project. Much unlike the grinding chores he’s doing for the Angler’s. Besides, where else can you plant a beautiful little tree whenever you just want to enjoy a quiet moment?

Smell the fragrance, slow down and relax.

As for the “Old Dog” part? Well, I’m still attempting to learn this Twitter stuffs. lol, maybe you really can’t teach an old dog new tricks!



Side Trip

Dufit has spent the past few days on a bit of a mission. That’s the way things go though. He sights some shiny or object that attracts his attention, then it’s off to procure or obtain such shiny or object. This one took a bit longer than he was led to believe it would. Undaunted, he continued his hunting to the very ends of Pandaria and back.

End of the great journey

End of the journey, treasure in hand.

It was quite a journey and he enjoyed every bit of it and all the stories Lorewalker shared with him. He collected a few bumps and bruises along the way, all of which were worth their weight in gold. Afterwards, it was off for a bit of a rest with his new favorite Uncle.

Uncle Gus

Tomorrow, it’s back to the farm. And the Cloud Serpents, and the Angler’s, and the bug peoples, the Golden Lotus folks and, well, so much and so little time. 🙂



Dailys, Dailys and More Dailys!

Dailys, dailys and more dailys! There’s been a flood of them for Dufit and each one for good reason.

Easy one for Dufit!

Okay, atm I’m bouncing back and forth with the “que time” to log-in after the rolling restarts…again. So here I am killing some of that time 🙂

Dufit’s day begins in Halfhill gathering up his dailys there, then on to his farm for harvesting and replanting. This morning, The Tillers honored his efforts with a second plot to plant.

Neighborly help with the weeds!

Yep, we be farming now 🙂

Then it’s off to the Arboretium, to fulfill his duties for the Order of the Cloud Serpents and his hatchling care.

Aw, she so cute!

No rest yet. It’s on to the Angler’s Wharf! This is a relaxing set of dailys though since he does enjoy his fishing time.

Angler’s Wharf

Dufit like surprises!

After his relaxation period, it’s off to the Dread Wastes, the bug people and more dailys. After that, some more causal fishing, hunting up Dark Soil mounds and generally just flying about exploring nooks, crannies and whatever looks like possible hiding places for treasures. Next week, Aygaren and Thdoria will both make their journeys into Pandaria.

Just flying around can get things done

Working for it helps some as well!

And that makes two!

Okay, I’m still waiting on the game que, certainly hope your wait isn’t as long!



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