End of Day


Full day maintenance tomorrow 😦

Sooooo, I’ll spend what time I can cleaning up the screenshot folder. It always seems to be fairly full anymore. Also on the agenda, besides those pesky rl chores, is to consider switching Aygaren over to ret spec. He did manage to make the journey to Pandaria, though he seems to be a bit overwhelmed trying to level as prot.

Some speciality crops begin!

Dufit is still merrily moving along with his farm and rep grinds. He was able to plant some newer ‘speciality crops’ today so he jumped in with one of each just to see what comes up. Should be rather interesting. Funny though, his Tiller rep is about the best he’s got going on right now, although the Cloud Serpents seem to be rather pleased with him as well.

Have a great day off tomorrow!

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