Side Trip

Dufit has spent the past few days on a bit of a mission. That’s the way things go though. He sights some shiny or object that attracts his attention, then it’s off to procure or obtain such shiny or object. This one took a bit longer than he was led to believe it would. Undaunted, he continued his hunting to the very ends of Pandaria and back.

End of the great journey

End of the journey, treasure in hand.

It was quite a journey and he enjoyed every bit of it and all the stories Lorewalker shared with him. He collected a few bumps and bruises along the way, all of which were worth their weight in gold. Afterwards, it was off for a bit of a rest with his new favorite Uncle.

Uncle Gus

Tomorrow, it’s back to the farm. And the Cloud Serpents, and the Angler’s, and the bug peoples, the Golden Lotus folks and, well, so much and so little time. 🙂



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