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It’s been quite a day in Azeroth, both interesting and challenging. Having briefly mentioned in previous posts about having several projects going on, today was one of those “work-on-UI” days.

Up until the past couple of weeks, I’ve had my UI pretty well established. All neat and pretty-like, comfortable to work with and useful across all characters. Keybinds were stable, only adjustments of which spells went on which key was needed in the beginning. I had this “Default” profile on most things that everyone used. Pretty simple. Right?

I’ve used Pitbull4 unit frames forever it seems like. One rule I go by, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Then I got into learning serious tanking with Killona. Started to notice some small changes were needed, nothing too serious, just little things popping up now and then.

Then, I decided (perhaps foolishly), to attempt learning the Healing trade. Now, we have some serious problems with unit frames. My baby healer needed something more suitable, more useful, to figure out what she’s doing.

Luckily, somewhere along the line in the past, I had installed this Addon Control Panel mod. It is certainly getting it’s workout time in now!

“ACP”, an in-game time saver!

I started with an old favorite, Grid. Still trying to get the configurations figured out so far. It’s a contender for Pitbull replacement, but questionable.

Then I gave HealBot a look over. I’m getting a bit further along with it than I did with Grid. I credit the HealBot website for the progress I’ve made so far. They have some good info available on set-ups, including some videos.

Part way through config

Neither of these unit frame mods have been on trial runs as yet. It looks like Healbot will get the first opportunity. My baby healer is level 14 atm. She chose to start her healing practice in battlegrounds today, using the stock raid frames. That’s a story for another time though. Tomorrow, we’ll be back to touching up the Healbot, and giving it a trial run.

If you happen to be a Healer with some insight about these unit frames, feel free to add them to your comments.

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  1. Florence
    Sep 10, 2012 @ 00:54:26

    I used/use bartender for a while now healing on my priest/pally/druid/shammy.
    other than that i use the in-game raid UI for healing , i unlock it and move it do my desired place. Click and press my keybinds for the healing spell.
    Honestly i find it pointless to use a healing addon /UI. if anything it clutters your screen.
    i’ve tried heal bot, after healing so many years without a healing addon. didn’t like it uninstalled it an hour later.

    The addons i use for “healing” i guess is
    Bittens Spellfash. it flashes buffs, spells suggesting you should use it/ reminder of missing buffs.

    other than that its click and heal.

    • aygaren
      Sep 10, 2012 @ 09:08:40

      Hello Florence. Thank you for your thoughts!

      I use Bartender as well, could never give that one up! My keybind set-ups with it work quite good in conjunction with the Logitech “G” series keyboard.

      I’ve not used the Blizzard in game frames for a long time. Perhaps they’ve changed since then, they used to be rather large, using up too much real estate for my liking. They may be worth a second look.

      So far with healbot, I’m liking the ability to size, and the fade-out of team members who are out of range. I can also keep it positioned directly underneath my healer, don’t have to take my eyes off of what’s going on. To date though, the only practice my baby healer gets is in battlegrounds, she’s not quite 15 yet. 🙂

      I’m not familar with Bittens, yet. I’m sure though, that as more spells become available for the healer, Bittens or something simular will become necessary.

      Glad you stopped by!

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