Maintenance Day: Diversion

Earlier today, I set coarse to join Dufit in Deepholm. He had rolled through Mt. Hyjal enough to be ready for the Firelands dailys.  Minor glitch came up. I forgot it was Tuesday. It also put an quick end to dusting off some Alliance folks elsewhere who’ve been sitting around since the Horde project began. The thought there was to decide if one was willing/ready to make a server transfer.


So, it occured to me that some of my crew has been speaking out for theirselves here occasionally and I don’t think there’s ever been a solid line-up posting on who’s who. That, and maintenance down time, were reason enough to go play with some images. With the help of the official armory, we managed to put together a poster like presentation!  Here’s the Horde crew, along with the dusty but not forgotten Alliance mains from another server (pvp). There’s plenty more roaming about, but these are the faves.

Fenris Horde Crew and some Alliance Mains

As you can see, I’ve long favored ranged dps casters and Alliance faction, until the horde crew came along. Aygaren was the first successful melee character. A lot has changed over the years, lol. Old Sol, (bottom left), will never go anywhere. He was my first, and the first to level cap. But it is Khrox, (bottom middle), whom I’m considering the server transfer for. He’s a BM hunter, pvp geared. After maintenance was over, I took a good look at the three and started setting Khrox up for a possible move. Not sure if it’ll happen or not.

So that was my maintenance day diversion, along with reading some interesting blog posts about.

Wishing everyone a great time! ~Aygaren

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  1. Roneebean
    Jul 04, 2012 @ 02:30:19

    Nice poster thanks or sharing between this and the signatures the other day i feel inspired to have a go myself. As soon as i finish levelling this new Worgen rogue….

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