Nerfing Achievements?

IMO post (In My Opinion)

Much has already been said about the new Account-Wide Achievements coming with Mists. After all the reading and viewing multiple polls on the subject, it would seem that the majority of the player base favors this move.

Although I’m not wholly against this change, I’m not especially looking forward to it. As with all things, time will tell once Mists goes live and all the nueances become known.

I believe that my view of the change stems from how I view my characters. As a certified alt-oholic, each of my “kids” are unique individuals in both playstyles and personalities. The only common ground they may share is a general ‘be nice to others’.

I’m currently playing my third (or fourth?) “main”. What this really boils down to is that each character approaches the game and end game via different journeys. More specifically with achievements, no one character holds ALL achievements. If one has attained a certain batch, the next in line travels a new path gaining a much different set.

In the beginning, there’s a druid who gathered things like quest achievements, pets, mounts, professions, pretty much common things. He was happy with them. Then came a BM hunter who specialized in PvP achievements. He was also the first to really begin an effort in soloing some old dungeons. Not many, just a taste test. He was happy with them.

There was a frost mage along the line, she just kind of fizzled out tired. Stuck with her tailoring, tried the dungeon path a bit and died horribly in bg’s. Numerous other alts have claimed their victories in a wide array of achievements, mostly different from whoever came before them.

Aygaren is a mix of everyone I think. If possible, he’ll be the first to obtain a fair amount of achievements in all aspects of the game. IF POSSIBLE!  At least, that’s his plan. His “vision quest” if you will.

This pecular playstyle with achievements is of my own doing. It’s just the way it’s been since vanilla. I generally accept changes in the game with a grain of salt. Figure them out and run with them. Each character though, having to earn his/her own way and grow on their own merits/abilities. Or fail. They share in the joy of another’s accomplishments. I just don’t see them riding on the coat-tails of another where achievements are concerned. If one of them wants a particular achievement, they had better work for it and earn it.

What do you think? Is Blizz taking the pride out of earning achievements?




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  1. tomeoftheancient
    May 30, 2012 @ 08:38:43

    I did feel that way, that it was taking the fun out of achievements. Then I read Cynwise on it and he had really valid points on why it was a good thing so now I’m conflicted, lol.

    • aygaren
      May 30, 2012 @ 08:50:03

      ‘Conflicted’ pretty much sums it up Tomb. I realize that for many, this elimates a lot of grinding on alts, a real time saver. I’ve never been one to really rush through content though, I like to enjoy as much as possible and let my alts travel where they may 🙂

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